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After a extremely rough 2020, we can all collectively agree that what the world is missing is some really good weed right now.

As everything begins to open up as more people receive the vaccine, it’s no surprise that COVID has brought in a new cannabis user – one who is not going to go away. The use of American vices, like Pete Davidson-inspired substances and sex toys, all increased during the lockdown, causing many to follow habits like never before. With a generation living on the day-to-day as if it were the last after a murderous era in global history, it’s no wonder that new companies are springing up with the goal of changing a stigmatized conversation and capitalizing on the times. strong.

To celebrate the return of live music, premium cannabis brand RNBW has launched a full line of products in collaboration with Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas. Supported by Insomniac, the parent company of EDC’s music festival, the launch of RNBW ushers in a new era of responsible and thoughtful consumption.

Nestled between stages, RNBW’s interactive art installation took users inside premium cannabis, from photo ops to educational programming about the world of weed. The move de-stigmatizes and demystifies drug use at festivals, ultimately leading to a large-scale collection plan that the brand hopes to implement in the future.

Rather than introducing substances or purchasing potentially laced strains at the event, RNBW is set to launch a revolutionary purchase and release system in the future, offering customers the ability to pre-order. flowers, vapes and edibles to be picked up later. inside the festival grounds. This milestone marks the first for a company that is rethinking its uncompromising stance on marijuana use for an evolving generation, and one that we will certainly see booming in the future.

Let’s face it: Music festivals and drug use have always had a long-standing love affair. From abundant psychedelics from Woodstock ’69 to recreational MDNA at all electronic dance music events, nearly one in four people reported using drugs at music festivals, according to a 2018 study. The Substance of Choice most frequently used? Cannabis, with over 60% favorability among respondents.

At this time, RNBW is available in all legal states, including EDC’s Nevada. In October, the brand hosted select pop-ups at dispensaries, with the full line now available online on the brand’s website with a group of select retailers joining the race.

Obviously, festival-goers’ substance use isn’t going to stop anytime soon, as it’s such a deeply embedded element in rave music and culture. And sure, you can be sober while enjoying some great beats, but if you choose to indulge yourself, RNBW makes sure you do it safely.

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