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Lourdes Léon has already proven that she is forging her own path. The dancer, choreographer and model 25 years has won sizeable campaigns, including Swarovski, collaborations with Stella McCartney, Savage X Fenty Rihanna and more. At each stage, Lourdes has completely demarcated its famous mom, and in his new pictures and profile sexy Paper Magazine, the young talent reminds us that she is very different from Madonna, no matter what critics might say about her.

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In the series of photos, which you can see HERE and Paper Magazine, Lourdes sported a series of ups of different bikini in slinky dresses and even contact lenses and colored wigs. But with each photo, Lourdes showed (as if more proof was needed) that she knows how to handle the camera. While each look was different from the last, the only consistency in each snapshot was the model’s confidence and poise. Honestly, she owned this photoshoot. But it was his interview that revealed much more.

“I have a base layer of hate because so many people love to hate my mom, so it’s obviously like I’m the spawn, I’m the eldest daughter, I’m going to see the end of this hate”, Lourdes said in his interview with Paper. “So all I do that’s negative is ‘Like mother, like daughter.’ You are all so unoriginal. While Lourdes clearly understands the pressure she faces as the daughter of one of pop culture’s most distinguished icons, her approach to her craft, and especially her style and sexuality, is unique to her.

“For me, my values ​​are that you can be as sexual as you want,” she explained to the store. “I’ll never judge a person for that. I think that’s something people still don’t understand with sexual autonomy. I don’t judge other women that way, so I don’t apply these rules to myself, ”she continued.

And while Lourdes is different in many ways from her mother, she certainly learned a lot from observing how Madonna and her contemporaries were treated in the limelight. “As soon as you use what has been used against you, especially growing up in the media as a woman, people put all this pressure on you. Be hot, but not too hot. Be the virgin and the whore at the same time. People place a lot of importance on women in their appearance and sexuality. So the second you take that sexuality back as something that belongs to you, people go crazy.

If it wasn’t clear before, Lourdes Leon is now making it clear that she has a vision beyond her years of fame and social conventions – and that she won’t play by anyone’s rules other than her own. . Watching his career blossom has been a treat for the fans, and Lourdes is only just beginning.

Before you go, click here to see the best photos of Madonna and Lourdes Leon over the years.
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