You’ll Definitely Want This $69 “Vintage” Instant Camera

Do you like vintage bellows cameras? Do you like pinhole photography? Do you like instant film? Then you’ll love this: the Jollylook Pinhole, an instant film camera DIY kit that just launched its crowdfunding campaign.

The shiny look Jollylook Pinhole combines the technology of the best instant cameras (opens in a new tab) with the design of the best retro cameras (opens in a new tab) to deliver a stunning vintage-style body unlike anything else on the market.

Well, except for the Jollylook Auto (opens in a new tab) – the fully automatic version of this camera, which was launched in 2020. This new version, however, eschews steampunk-style lenses, filters, flash and auto exposure in favor of age-old (and very fashionable) of pinhole photography.

Presented in the form of a DIY kit, the Jollylook Pinhole is made up of 65 eco-responsible pieces (mainly made of recyclable, biodegradable wood and natural fibres) which can be assembled – entirely without glue – between 1h30 and 3h.

Once assembled, you have a fully functional bellows camera (with graphical distance scale) that allows you to capture an exposure, then turn the developing lever to produce your shot on standard Instax Mini film. (opens in a new tab).

Watch the video: See the Jollylook pinhole in action

Unlike other instant cameras, however, it requires no batteries or power supply – its film development is done using a completely manual mechanism.

When folded up, the camera is about the size of an iPhone box, so it’s not too bulky to go on an outing with you. The back of the case features a very cool geared exposure calculator, and there’s a tripod mount on the bottom so you can put the Jollylook on sticks – perfect for creating long exposures and even taking minutes or hours for night photography.

The Jollylook Pinhole comes in Standard (dark stained natural wood pieces) or Custom (lighter wood that can be colored with markers) options, and is priced at $69 (about £57 / AU$99). For more information and to support the project, visit the Kickstarter campaign page (opens in a new tab).

Note: As with all crowdfunded projects, there is no certainty that the final product will ultimately be released or even resemble the initial depictions. DCW makes no endorsements or warranties about this product or any other crowdfunded product.

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