Yes, Death Stranding is coming to PC Game Pass

Earlier this week, the official Game Pass Twitter account was playing dumb with their profile picture, indicating that “sometimes we just like a good landscape photo”. Immediately, internet sleuths deduced that the landscape in question looked suspiciously similar to Death Stranding, leading many to believe it was a teaser for Kojima’s hiking post sim appearing on the service. ‘subscription. And yes, they were right, with confirmation arriving today that the BB Boys will enter Game Pass next week, August 23rd.

Advertised via another Tweeter which simply reads “special delivery”, the accompanying image shows Sam Bridges wearing a metal case with a nifty PC Game Pass sticker slapped on the front which reads “Delivery Confirmation: August 23, 2022”, as you can see it below:

At this point, it’s currently unclear whether the version in question is the standard Death Stranding edition or the new Director’s Cut, which adds more transportation methods, an extra piece of story, and a style racetrack. Mario Kart to the game, but I guess we’ll find it soon, August 23 being next Tuesday and all.

As you probably already know, I’ve invested a lot of time in Death Stranding over the years. When it came to PC in 2020, I chronicled my journey through post-apocalyptic America with my BB Boys Road Trip photo diary, and even read the official Death Stranding novels, mostly so you don’t. don’t have to. I still think it’s great, and I would highly recommend giving it a try, if only so you can decide if you’re traveling to a rundown USA by re-establishing a nationwide internet connection with a baby in a jar strapped to your chest all the time is your kind of deal. And if rumors of a Death Stranding sequel are to be believed, you can also consider this a good opportunity to get some background preparation ahead of time.

August 23 is an interesting date for the arrival of Death Stranding on Game Pass. I’m going into full speculation mode here, but it’s the same day famous Kojima fan Geoff Keighley will be hosting his Gamescom Opening Night Live showcase. Could this be the first of many such Game Pass announcements coming next week (with Sam Bridges delivering them, by hand, inside his sealed metal case)? Or maybe we’ll see some kind of other Announcement related to Kojima at Gamescom this year. My bet is on the former, personally, but we’ll find out for sure next Tuesday.

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