Woman Installs Ornate Frame Around TV And It Looks Gorgeous

Have you ever really wanted enhance your space but you didn’t even know where to start? We do too, which is why we absolutely love all the creative people on TikTok and beyond who have found so many ways to use everyday DIYs to really give their spaces a complete, total overhaul!

How about watching your TV? Yes, it’s an area that isn’t usually thought about much, but you can take it to a whole new level with a simple design change ala TikTok’er TayBeepBoop.


Now Tay has the right idea when it comes to her television. The wall-mounted TV looked…you know, fine, where it was, but it certainly stuck out like a sore thumb against its bright white wall. So she decided to solve this problem by adding a golden picture frame. Yes, that’s literally all it takes to transform your entire space!

To mimic this DIY on your own, measure your TV then find, or even make, a frame that will fit around it. You can find lots of cute frames at your local big box store or even on Amazon, and there are even TV-specific frames that you can find online too!

Mount your TV to the wall, then add the frame around it. Depending on the thickness of the TV, you may need to get creative with the spacing. You can add pegs to help hold the frame together while keeping it away from the TV, or find another way of spacing so the two aren’t constantly bumping into each other. Of course, most frames designed for TV already take this into account, so if you go this route, you won’t have to worry so much!

And once it’s all hung on the wall, all you have to do is sit back and enjoy! We love setting the screen to something quaint, only to turn on the channel when we have friends over, just to watch their expressions as the “painting” comes to life!

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