Who are you ? it’s like Wordle but with soccer players

I loved seeing Wordle fans create a million new puzzle games daily to make us guess words in weird and cruel ways. I’ve enjoyed watching Wordle fans create everyday puzzle games that aren’t about guessing words even more, using familiar elements for whole new challenges. Heardle makes you guess songs by listening to their first few seconds. And now I discovered Who Are Ya?, a game that uses the Wordle format to make you guess the identity of footballers. It’s an interesting challenge.

You can play Who Are Ya? here in your browser for free.

Each day you have eight guesses to discover the identity of a mysterious football player. They played in the Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, Ligue 1 or Bundesliga last season. And you start with an extremely blurry and faded photo. So guess.

Unlike Wordle, you don’t guess from spelling. Start typing a name and it will allow you to select your guess name from a list. Your clues are then derived by comparing five attributes to the correct answer: their nationality, the league they play in, the club they play for, their position on the pitch and their age. A green box means you were right about it, gray means guess again. From there, grope your way towards the answer by guessing other players on the same team, or in the same position, or any other way you can. Their photo also becomes a little clearer with each guess.

Our Graham boasts that he got today’s in two guesses. Yeah yeah, okay.

My knowledge of football these days comes from keeping an eye on Hibs and listening to Bob Mortimer and Andy Dawson’s Athletico Mince podcast, so yeah, it’s not for me. Still, I got closer today guessing the names of the EPL Gangs. I think I’d do much better if this was limited to players from the 1994 Merlin Premier League sticker album.

Also, who are you? is a big name. Very happy to hear that and not for example Kickle, Footle or Ronaldle. Actually, no, I like Ronaldle.

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