Utah woman finds someone else’s wedding photos on her digital photo frame

SALT LAKE CITY – A woman from Utah who found herself the “perfect” gift this Christmas has now started to search for the original owner of this gift.

It was a used digital frame. When Andressa Day opened it, she found something that she thinks someone is long gone – an SD card loaded with dozens of images.

“I got a few things for Christmas, hoping to find some Christmas treasures, which I did,” Day said. “And then I found this digital type frame. “

The photos included a wedding day in what looks like the Bountiful Temple, photos of the rings, of the bride, even the ever popular pose outside the temple gates.

That’s not all.

“There are a lot of pictures out there from the honeymoon to a newborn baby,” Day added.

She said a 2010 gift receipt was included with the frame.

Day said the images were at least ten years old.

She lost a similar map with treasures of hers years ago and would have loved to find it, even if it was years. “I hope they’re still married because that should be good news.”

Take a good look at the photos, while people probably look a little different now, almost 12 years later, these are souvenir photos that owners would likely want to find.

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