This is the coolest Polaroid movie I’ve ever seen

Polaroid just released the coolest film I’ve ever seen – a highly experimental, unpredictable, surreal and creative Duochrome electric green film.

Polaroid Black & Green 600 Film – Duochrome Edition sees the manufacturer resurrect the Duochrome line which was produced by the company in its previous incarnation as The Impossible Project.

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“First released by The Impossible Project, Duochrome film has a reputation for being radical,” explains Polaroid. “Its unique chemistry transforms the ordinary into the abstract through a clash of colors and contrasts. It’s notoriously delicate, and our latest batch is no exception.

“We use a mixture of yellow and cyan dyes to make Green Duochrome Paste. It’s an experimental formulation that creates a marbling ‘sunspot’ effect that’s both unpredictable and unique.”

(Image credit: Rayan Nohra • Francesco Sambati • Sarah Eiseman)

In fact, the film is so unpredictable that Polaroid describes it as “risky” – and offers it for 33% less than its other film stocks.

“Due to the extremely experimental nature of the film, we cannot guarantee stable results. As such, we are selling it at a discounted price. We do not accept refunds related to faults or defects of any kind.”

Polaroid 600 film is designed for vintage Polaroid 600 cameras – the ones your parents owned and you find at garage sales and flea markets. These do not have batteries, so each pack of 600 films contains a battery. However, modern battery-powered i-Type cameras (like the Polaroid Now (opens in a new tab)) still accept 600 film, so it’s good for new and old Polaroids.

Polaroid Black & Green 600 Film – Duochrome Edition costs $14.99 / £13.99 directly from the Polaroid site (opens in a new tab) (it is not yet available in Australia). Since the latest batch of black and yellow Duochrome film is currently selling for double the price on United States (opens in a new tab) and United Kingdom (opens in a new tab)it would be wise to order now before the stock runs out.

(Image credit: Polaroid)

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