‘Third such allegation, no internal injuries’ – evidence of ‘trick’ mounts in Ghaziabad rape case

Ghaziabad/New Delhi: Medical examination of a Delhi woman who claimed she was gang-raped by five men over two days in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, found no evidence of internal injuries, sources said from Ghaziabad Police to ThePrint.

The examination, carried out at the government-run GTB Hospital, also established that the ‘iron rod’ which the Delhi Commission for Women (DCW) said had been inserted into her vagina was in fact a device metal in the shape of a U. While an official at GTB Hospital confirmed that a “small foreign object” had been recovered, the Chief Superintendent of Police (SSP) of Ghaziabad, Muniraj G., said that it was a tongue scraper.

Police sources said that while the MLC report mentions “bite marks” on the woman’s chest, Azad, one of the defendants and her alleged lover, told investigators that the bite marks were “self-inflicted”.

The investigation also revealed that the vehicle used in the alleged abduction of the woman was in her parking spot on the day of the alleged crime and that the mobile tower locations of the ‘ravers’ did not place them at the scene. of the crime, police said.

News of the woman’s alleged kidnapping and gang rape, which came to light last week, has gone viral on social media, prompting the DCW chairman Swati Maliwal to issue a notice to Ghaziabad Police, requesting details of the action and arrests of the accused.

Days after the alleged gang rape was reported, police arrested the 38-year-old for allegedly trying to charge five men – Shahrukh, Aurangzeb, Javed, Dinu and Dhola – in the rape case. While some media outlets have given the case a common connotation, the main motive for the alleged machination, according to the policewas to seize a disputed property for which two civil cases are pending before the courts.

Three men – Azad Tehsin from Delhi, Gaurav Sharan from Noida and Mohammad Afzal from Ghaziabad – were also arrested for allegedly helping the woman fabricate evidence. The woman and her three associates had been planning to frame the men for about four months, law enforcement sources said.

The MLC report and other evidence has been sent for forensic examination. Police sources said they would soon file a closure report as well as a petition to the High Court to quash the rape FIR.

Ghaziabad police also revealed that the woman had already tried twice to “trap the men in a fake rape case”.

“She [the woman] had also previously attempted to frame these [five] men in cases in Delhi. She tried to lodge a complaint with the Delhi police but was unsuccessful. This is the third of their similar pre-planned attempts,” said Ghaziabad SSP Muniraj G.

Police say they uncovered a complex picture of a property dispute involving the woman and her Muslim lover who together allegedly targeted other Muslims.

“If the cops hadn’t investigated the case properly, they [the men arrested initially] would be in jail,” Shabila, a neighbor of the five men, told ThePrint.

According to the police, the woman wanted to use the rape allegation to pressure the family of Javed and Shahrukh to settle a dispute over property worth ₹53 lakh. Located at Kabir Nagar in Delhi, the property is home to Shamina, the mother of Javed and Shahrukh.

“During the investigation, a person known to the rape survivor disclosed the plot,” Ghaziabad Police (Crime) Superintendent Deeksha Sharma told ThePrint.

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CCTV, electronic evidence points to inconsistencies

Police officers in Ghaziabad told ThePrint that CCTV footage established that the black SUV allegedly used by the ‘kidnappers’ had not left its parking space on October 16, the day the woman claimed she was kidnapped. The vehicle belongs to Deenu, a property dealer involved in the Kabir Nagar dispute.

Ghaziabad (City) Police Superintendent Nipun Aggarwal told ThePrint that “the mobile locations of the suspects were tracked and it was found that they were not in Ghaziabad during that time.” [of the alleged crime]”.

Law enforcement sources said that based on CCTV footage, the woman’s changing statements, GPS locations and her refusal to submit to a medical test in the first two cases, they concluded the story was fabricated. with the intention of trapping the five men.

“She kept insisting that she get the test at GTB Hospital in Delhi. Along the way, she kept telling the policemen where exactly to go. She kept changing her statements several times,” one of the sources said.

The source added that the investigation revealed that the woman was in Delhi at the same time. “After being dropped off (after her alleged rape), Azad waited to see who spotted her. It is also seen in a music video. The GPS location of Gaurav’s car used to bring the woman to Ghaziabad also showed the route taken. He also called a Delhi-based reporter and paid 5,000 rupees through an online transaction. Actions have also been taken against the journalist.

The woman claimed that after being gang-raped, she was tied up in a gunny sack and dumped on the side of the road in Ghaziabad.

Police sources said the three defendants who were part of the alleged plot revealed details of the set-up during questioning.

The real estate dispute

Shamina, the mother of two of the rape defendants, previously cited, said she lived at the property about which they are embroiled in a legal dispute with the accused woman for 35 to 40 years and his family pays the electricity bills and council tax for the two-story building.

However, this claim has been dismissed by the family of the arrested woman who insist she is the owner. The five defendants, they claim, forcibly occupied it and threatened to withdraw the case.

Shamina said her family took out a loan of Rs 2 lakh from the accused Azad – who also runs a tailoring business on the property – at 10% interest and claimed to have repaid it in monthly installments of Rs 20,000.

“Azad gave us money from his ‘hello’ (brother-in-law) and got me to sign the power of attorney (of the disputed property) about a year ago,” Shamina said, adding that she had refunded all the money but had not have not yet received the documents.

His daughter Shayda meanwhile said her mother was “uneducated” and that Azad had fraudulently made her “sign documents”.

(Editing by Tony Rai)

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