The must-have Instagram tools and apps to use in 2022

Everyone uses Instagram, and if you don’t, you soon will. Instagram is one of the most popular apps in the world, with photos and videos from around the world and an average of one billion monthly users. Not only are consumers using the app, but even producers, celebrities, brands, and businesses are using Instagram to boost their work. The reason is that Instagram has an undeniable way of capturing the attention of the public. This social platform is gaining more and more popularity and subscribers. There are endless Instagram-related apps and tools coming out every day, and we love it! Some improve the quality of your content, some manage your business, some will provide you with better options and trends for your posts, etc. Here are our favorite must-have Instagram tools and apps to use in 2022.

  1. Instagram story savers:

Instagram stories are booming, and perhaps most of Instagram’s exposure comes through user stories. You want to know what everyone wants to do, what they’re thinking, where they’re going, how they’re doing, etc. and you want to cherish certain things that people share with you. People love to share photos and videos in their stories, but sometimes you also want to break out of the existing mold and spice up your content. Sometimes it’s a little tricky to do because you don’t know how it’s going to come out. Fortunately, you can easily find a tool for recording stories on Earthweb. They list and review the best apps to do it in 2022.

  1. Instagram engagement apps:

It has been established that Instagram is the best platform for business and engagements. Not only because it achieves higher reach through reels, stories, and hashtags, but also because it relies heavily on graphic content that grabs users’ attention more than texts. Sometimes it’s not enough to post something and wait for your followers to interact with it, sometimes it’s better to help boost engagements by reaching your mass audience and promoting your account. By engagement, we mean connecting with audiences, responding to them, posting regularly, and more. Although Instagram does not provide the best engagement features, there are Instagram engagement apps that will help you boost your business or simply increase engagement rates on your profile.

  1. Insta photo/video applications and tools:

To attract more followers and viewers, your Instagram posts must be of high quality; have good colors, synchronization with other messages, aesthetic, dynamic and intriguing. Sometimes the effects and filters provided by the Instagram app seem outdated and would not satisfy the idealistic idea you had for your photos. Sometimes your image isn’t perfect but you can’t edit it. Having an Instagram photo/video app that will help you edit and add your unique touch is a must! Some examples of these applications include VSCO, InShot, Snapseed and YouCut. Now you can edit your photos as much as you want and create a flawless photo to add to your feeds.

  1. Instagram management apps and tools:

Now that your content is ready, it’s not just your expectations that you need to manage but also your new posts. You would need a powerful social media management tool to track your followers’ stats, demographics, and interests. You can add your scheduled posts, track mentions and comments on a dashboard, and optimize your posts with a hashtag search tool that easily enhances your content. These tools are features of several applications such as Agorapulse and Tailwind.

  1. Instagram automation apps:

Trying to consistently post perfect content to your Instagram account can be exhausting, especially when you have nothing to post. Sometimes not every weekend is exciting and not every day of the week is magical. Sometimes you wake up and you don’t feel like doing much. You don’t want to leave your cozy bed or go out in the heat. Then you remember that you have to post something; your followers are waiting for you, and you also have to create several posts for the day! That’s why you always need a backup plan to get back to sleep without messing up your whole schedule, maybe a good Instagram Automation app? These apps provide different tools to schedule posts, set reminders, download pre-formatted CSV files, and schedule many social media posts at once. Examples of these applications are Later, Hootsuite and Buffer.

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