the inspiration behind Samsung’s ‘Night Mode’ movie

When Matilda Finn, the director of Samsung’s “Night mode” ad by Mother, was a child, she looked out the window at night to the nearby town and dreamed of something bigger.

It was his inspiration for the otherworldly dreamland that is the Samsung movie released last month. It features future designer Charles Jeffrey and his entourage of friends enjoying the night in a forest, with a light shining on them – a Samsung Galaxy S22 phone.

Finn says his thought was “an integral part of the background conversations between me and Mico [Toledo, creative director at Mother] representing who these night owls were: the artists who cannot sleep, who yearn for more”.

She adds, “I wanted it to feel like an alien fairy tale, with a childhood innocence. The alien is how I sometimes felt like an alien in my sleepy little village.”

Toledo approached Finn for the project through mutual friend Ben Fordesman (cinematographer). “Mico and mom were clear that they wanted to embrace something weird and wonderful with Charles. [Jeffrey] and Samsung on board,” adds Finn.

Work with a fashion designer

The idea behind the collaboration with Jeffrey was to deepen Samsung’s relationship with fashion as the brand wanted to target new audiences, Toledo explains.

“This campaign is part of a series including collaboration with talents such as YungBlud and Samm Henshaw,” said Alex Conaway, brand manager for mobile, wearables and hearing aids at Samsung. “We love working with exceptional creators, pairing them with our technology to enable them to produce innovative and engaging content.”

Samsung had been in talks with the British Fashion Council for some time and Jeffrey and his Loverboy brand were front and center from the start. “His deep connection to club nights and being dubbed the ‘King of the Night’ meshed brilliantly with the new camera’s exceptional nighttime photographic capabilities,” says Conaway.

“Loverboy also represents freedom of expression, joy and absolute positivity – it’s true to the DNA of our brand, which we wanted to bring to life.

“We were also looking for something incredibly distinctive for this launch. A strong, clean look to stand out among a sea of ​​similarities in the category. that. “

Toledo notes that Jeffrey is considered the next Alexander McQueen. “Being able to invest and associate with such talent who could also speak to a younger audience with so much originality and authenticity was a really important thing for us”, he explains.

“If we were to dip our toes into fashion, we needed the right partner and Charles was brilliant, from providing all the clothes, make-up and notes for our fashion film, to starring himself in our six shorts which really burst the fashion bubble with humor and wit.”

“The madness of the fashion world”

Samsung often uses shorts to show the functional side of its products. The fashion movie wasn’t the place for that, says Toledo. The team therefore transformed the narrative and produced a series of comedy clips. One features the S Pen, which Jeffrey uses to design on the go and declares, “I’m all about practicality.” He then finds it difficult to leave the taxi he is in because of his impractical big hair.

“We decided to write really funny films that were the opposite of fashion film,” says Toledo. “Almost as if the shorts were making fun of the fashion world, because the fashion film itself was a bit more serious.

“The product shorts were a way for us to be self-referential to the craziness of the fashion world and Charles Jeffrey was really on board when he read the scripts and worked with us to further develop certain scenes and dialogue.

“He’s super funny in person and really aware of some of the ridiculousness of the fashion world, so we took a lot of his personality and tone of voice and added that to the script.

“If you think the fashion film is Supermanthe little fashion shorts are the Bizarro World Superman. They are in contrast to each other but work together in beautiful synchrony.”

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