The Frame is one of Samsung’s best 4K TVs, and it’s currently at $ 700 off

The Frame is unique in that it doesn’t look like your normal TV. Instead, Samsung designed it to look like a picture frame and as a result you get a TV meant to hang on the wall the same way you would a framed piece of art. Samsung even lets you select the frame finish so the TV can blend in perfectly with the rest of your artwork.

The best feature, however, is that The Frame turns into a photo frame when turned off, showcasing artwork from a Samsung-selected portfolio that includes over 1,400 artworks from the world’s top galleries – or you can just use your own photos. It has sensors to automatically adjust the lighting of the artwork based on the ambient light in the room, and it’s a really cool way to use the TV when it’s turned off.

Now, once you turn on The Frame, you get a vibrant 4K panel that uses Samsung’s excellent QLED technology to deliver incredible levels of contrast and brightness. I’ve used several Samsung QLED TVs, and they offer better picture quality than regular LEDs, coming close to what you get with an OLED but just a lot more affordable.

On that note, Samsung is slashing The Frame heavily right now, with the 55-inch model available for just $ 1,200, which is $ 300 less than its regular price. If that wasn’t enough, the 75-inch model fell to $ 2,300, or $ 700 off what it sells most of the time.

The Frame runs the Samsung Smart TV interface, providing easy access to your favorite streaming services. As the TV is mounted against a wall, all connectors are housed in a stand-alone box that connects to the TV via a single cable, so you don’t have to hide multiple HDMI cables.

It’s safe to say that The Frame is one of the best TVs in its class, and at $ 1,200 it’s a steal.

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