The first Japan-Croatia film festival takes place in Tokyo from December 17-19

“Fishing and fishermen’s conversations” by Milan Trenc – Croatian Audiovisual Center

December 15, 2021 – The first Japan-Croatia film festival will be held at the Tokyo Museum of Photographic Art from December 17 to 19, the Croatian Audiovisual Center (HAVC) reported on Tuesday. Four Croatian films will be screened.

The four films to be screened are “Fishing and Fishermen’s Conversations” by Milan Trenc, “The Accidental Lushness of the Translucent Watery Rebus”, an experimental animated film directed by Dalibor Rebić, as well as the comedy titled “Po Tamburi” directed by Stanislav Tomić, and “Lada Kamenski” by Sara Hribar and Marko Šantić.


First official banner of the Japan-Croatia Film Festival – Croatian Audiovisual Center

Croatian Ambassador to Japan Dražen Hrastić said he is looking forward to this opportunity for Japanese moviegoers to enjoy Croatian films during the festival hosted by the Japanese-Croatian Society.


“Accidental luxuriance of the translucent aqueous rebus”, Dalibor Rebić

“We are delighted that many moviegoers in Japan will be able to enjoy the Croatian titles that will be screened as part of the festival organized by the Japanese-Croatian Society. Croatia is at the crossroads of different cultures and religions and has a rich and stimulating history. A world famous tourist destination with its natural beauty, cultural heritage and excellent athletes, Croatian filmmakers are also inspired by all of this, so at the end of this difficult 2021 I have no choice but to invite everyone to join this festival and enjoy the best Croatian cinematographic achievements, “said Dražen Hrastić, Ambassador of Croatia to Japan.


“Po Tamburi”, by Stanislav Tomić

The representative of the company, Edouard Katayama Tripković, said that the aim of this company is to strengthen the ties between the two countries through culture, arts, sports, technology and commerce.


“Lada Kamenski” by Sara Hribar and Marko Šantić

“The goal of Japanese-Croatian society is to build a deeper bond between Croatia and Japan through culture, art, sport, technology and commerce. On this occasion, the focus is on about strengthening our cultural ties through four great Croatian films. and different cultural elements, I hope Japanese audiences will learn more about Croatia and be interested in it through titles of films shot in Croatia. Our inspiration for the organization of this festival is the conviction that mutual understanding will result in bilateral exchange between the two countries and contribute to the development of our relations ”, added Edouard Katayama Tripković of the Japanese-Croatian Society.

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