TDI-Brooks Adds New Tools to Shallow Water Geotechnical Kit

August 9, 2022

Credit: TDI Brooks

Marine survey specialist TDI-Brooks announced on Tuesday that it has brought online a pneumatic vibracore (PVC) for shallow waters (

According to the company, pVC is a lightweight (4,600 lbs in air) and high power vibrator.

PVC can be used for cores up to 6m in length (and up to 9m or 12m with frame extension).

“The top display informs the winch of the exact penetration of the barrel into the ground at all times during vibratory insertion. PVC has been successfully deployed on the East Coast of the United States over 200 times for park projects Offshore Wind Farms (OSWF),” the company said. .

For cone penetration test (CPT) acquisition, TDI-Brooks has the Neptune 5000 CPT system with its 50 kN thrust.Deployment of TDI-Brooks Neptune 5000 from her R/V research vessel BROOK McCALL, operating off NE US.

Additionally, TDI-Brooks announced that it has added a second Datem Neptune Seabed CTP to its inventory, which now includes N3K and N5K units.

In early 2023, TDI-Brooks plans to release a Manta-200 CPT for its shallow water geotechnical kit.

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