Speck and Gordon: 5 comedies that continue to inspire us

Will Speck and Josh Gordon, aka filmmaking duo Speck and Gordon, are known for their adult comedies like Blade of Glory (2007) and The switch (2010). After 2016 decidedly R-rated Office Christmas Partythe directors came back with something unexpected: Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile (out now), their big-screen adaptation of the best-selling children’s book about a singing reptile.

We were such big fans of the books, and over the past two years we’ve gotten to a point where we’re trying to expand into new experiences,” the duo explain. “We’ve always wanted to do a musical, so this was a great chance to do that with a property we loved. The real thing we need to do is learn what it was like with all of its learning curves. The sequences…the choreography…the recording of the music…it was all new territory for us. We learned a lot.”

Speck and Gordon’s next project will see them pivot again: Fara sci-fi thriller about astronauts stranded on an alien planet, set to hit theaters on January 27, 2023.

“What we focused more on with the previous films was so much about comedy, making sure that every premise and every line serves a comedic master,” they explain. “It was super exciting to move into new areas that we explored in our commercial work but never had the chance to delve into in our films. It was exciting to feel that we were moving into new areas .”

Below are Speck and Gordon (who earned an Academy Award nomination for Best Live Action Short with 1997’s Culture) share with A.frame five films that have shaped their comedic and cinematic sensibilities.

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