Some news on the future of the Washington City Paper

Dear loyal readers,

Today we announce that Washington City Paper becomes a digital first publication and will no longer offer a regular print edition. It was a difficult but necessary decision, and one that many of our national peer publications have had to make over the past decade. We held on as long as we could, but our current modus operandi was no longer sustainable, and the change will allow us to focus our efforts on being the best digital native publication we can be.

Therefore, the April 7 and May 5 print editions will be the last regular issues you will see on newsstands.

We will continue to cover critical political and cultural news from Washington, as we always have, online. We will continue to host events and occasionally publish special print editions. The same important journalism that has shaped our 41-year history will live on.

Unfortunately, with the end of our print circulation, some staff reductions were necessary. We are deeply grateful to these five crucial and influential individuals for their service to city ​​paper, and we work with management to support and assist them in their transitions. The cuts will affect sports editor Kelyn Soong, City Lights editor Ella Feldman, creative director Nayion Perkins and our photographer, Darrow Montgomery, who captured DC through his lens for city ​​paper since 1986. And Heather McAndrews, who has worked at the newspaper in a variety of different roles for more than 20 years, will also be leaving.

We look forward to seeing you online, where the vast majority of our audience already consumes our journalism. Thank you for your loyalty, and know that we will work diligently to maintain the trust you place in us to serve you all these years.

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