Simba Bed Frame Review: Is the Tool-Free Design Worth the Hype?


Whether you rent or own, investing in a new bed frame requires serious thought.

Besides the cost, there’s the DIY element – not to mention how you’ll navigate the room out the door when it comes time to move. But thanks to Simbayou can put your toolbox aside.

If the sleep specialist is best known for its range of extremely comfortable bed-in-a-box modelsthe brand has expanded its offering to include all kinds of products designed to enhance your sleep experience – from bedding for pillowsand now, bed frames.

Boutique bedroom style

There are three frames in three stylish contemporary colorways that will make your bed the centerpiece it deserves to be.


The first is Orion, a single bed with an upholstered headboard available in dark grey, cream and pistachio green. Next up is Pegasus (pictured above), an elevated design that seems transported from a boutique hotel with its soft curves and winged headboard. It comes in cream, blush and rich navy. Finally, there’s Sirius, a decadent design with a button-down headboard covered in cotton twill available in grey, cream and teal. All are available in double, king and superking sizes.

Simba Orion box spring

  • Double: £642.95
  • King: £659.45
  • Super King: £714.45

Simba Pegasus bed base

  • Double: £785.95
  • King: £802.45
  • Super King: £840.95

Simba Sirius bed base

  • Double: £901.45
  • King: £923.45
  • Super King: £956.45

No tools? No problem

But the best part is that there is absolutely no manual work involved, thanks to smart locks and a screw system. Simba uses traditional methods instead. In fact, other than a set of scissors to free the parts from their cardboard delivery boxes, all you’ll need is a willing friend to help you put it together using only your bare hands.

How to Build a Simba Bed Frame

Simba claims it can all be done in 10 minutes flat, but for other DIYers (hello, nice to meet you) it could take double that – it’s still a bit over the build time of comparable models.

Simply slot the headboard, sides and bottom sections into place and secure them with screw-in knobs before adding your feet, which we felt was best done by tilting the frame to the side. As a bonus, the legs are also equipped with screws, ready to be screwed on.


The final job is to put the two slat panels in place, but again, it’s child’s play. Each patented Simba Flex slat panel comes ready to use, so there’s no puffing and swelling or sore palms trying to press them into place. All it takes is two pliers and a few twists and turns to secure them. Add your mattress and presto! You are ready for bed.


We were amazed at how quickly everything fell into place and despite the slightly mystifying picture-based instructions, things seemed intuitive enough to work out on our own. There are orientation videos on Simba’s website if you’re coming for a crop, but it’s clear the brand’s designers have worked hard to deliver such a foolproof design for its customers.

The only downside is a lack of storage; there’s about enough room under the bed to slip in a few vacuum-sealed bags, but not much more. Hoping that ottoman storage beds are in the works.

A month later, the frame is getting stronger, supporting us and our mattress for cozy naps every night. Simba recommends tightening the screws periodically, but other than that there’s nothing else to do but enjoy your swanky new bed.

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