Shifra Tauber’s work begins with a blank paper

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By Libby Herz

“It’s rewarding to start with a blank white paper and bring it to life,” says Shifra Tauberthe designer, photographer and illustrator of Esse Kreative.

Shifra, who has been in the graphic design field for over a decade, has a clean aesthetic that’s simple and easy on the eyes. “If it can be done, do it well,” she says.

Attracted to the visual arts from an early age, Shifra was introduced to graphic design at the age of ten. “My sister introduced me to gradients,” she says. “She showed me how to choose my own colors and mix them.”

So Shifra played around a bit and then she started creating projects for her family and friends. Her work was also highly regarded at school and she was eventually commissioned to design the school newspaper and annual dinner invitation.

Creative responsibility motivated her to learn more. “I started out interested in Microsoft Word, then moved on to the appropriate programs.” She particularly liked the support of printing. “Knowing that I made this thing that I want is a really cool feeling,” she says.

After years of experience in illustration and design, Shifra decided to take her business to the next level. She created her website, Esse Kreative, focusing on photography, branding, logos, flyers, business cards and social media.

“Bad design costs more than good design,” she says. “You want your design to be remembered in a positive way.” Over the years, Shifra has created hundreds of custom designs.

She believes that clients who appreciate her work want that style reflected in them, creating a good creative fit. When Shifra is asked to create a logo for a client who is unsure of her own vision, she sometimes spends hours creating several choices until the client is satisfied. “If they asked you to work with them,” she says, “it means they like and appreciate your style. I have a minimal style,” says Shifra, “so I cater to people who appreciate that.

Shifra has some advice for new designers. “Each designer has something different to offer and is unique in how they perceive the world around them,” she says. “You will not build a business in a day. There will be times when people turn you down, but often it’s because they want something free. Value your time and try not to take rejection personally.

The personal client-client connection inspires Shifra to invest herself fully in her creations. “People will email me a concept, and seeing it become a full design is so rewarding,” she says. “Some people can look at something and say Shifra did it. That’s great.”


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