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Launching today on Prime Video and based on the best-selling graphic novels written by Brian K. Vaughan and illustrated by Cliff Chiang, paper girls is a high-stakes personal journey portrayed through the eyes of four girls, played by Camryn Jones as Tiffany Quilkin, Riley Lai Nelet as Erin Tieng, Sofia Rosinsky as Mac Coyle and Fina Strazza as the role of KJ Brandman. We caught up with the cast and crew last week at San Diego Comic-Con during the convention to talk about the series.

Paper Girls at San Diego Comic-Con

This year paper girls was widely celebrated at San Diego Comic Con. Events like a fan screening and Ball Room 20 welcomed cast and fans to this new sci-fi world. A screening of the first episode took place on Friday July 22 at the Rooftop Cinema Club Embarcadero at the Manchester Grand Hyatt. The rooftop event featured ’80s-themed food and drink, exclusive posters and special photo moments.

Earlier today, the cast and crew appeared on a panel and gave audiences their first taste of what to expect from the show. The panel took place in Ballroom 20 and was moderated by Yvette Nicole Brown.

The paper girls The series revolves around the morning events after Halloween 1988, where four paper girls – Erin, Mac, Tiffany and KJ – are on their delivery route when caught in the crossfire between warring time travelers, changing the course of their life forever. Transported into the future, these girls must find a way to return home to the past, a journey that will bring them face to face with adult versions of themselves.

Fina Strazza (KJ Brandman), Camryn Jones (Tiffany Quilkin), Ali Wong (Adult Erin), Riley Lai Nelet (Erin Tieng

In the show, the four preteens must come to terms with the fact that their future is far different from what their 12-year-old children imagined, they are hunted by a militant faction of time travelers known as the Old Watch, who have prohibits time travel. that they can stay in power. To survive, the girls will have to overcome their differences and learn to trust and trust each other. Ali Wong also stars as the adult version of Erin, with Nate Corddry as Larry and Adina Porter as the prioress.

Interview with Riley Lai Nelet (Erin Tieng) and Fina Strazza (KJ Brandman)

Riley Lai Nelet (nay-lay) is a model and actress and has played roles in ABC American Housewives, she played young Reilleen in Netflix Altered carbon. Nelet can also be seen in Gender+ion on HBO Max. In this show, she plays Erin Tieng, a kind and ambitious young girl. From the first episode, Erin is confronted with the reality of what the life of her future self (Ali Wong) has become.

Backstage photography for Paper Girls. Ali Wong as adult Erin and Riley Lai Nelet as young Erin

Fina Strazza made her Broadway debut at age eight in the title role of Mathilde the musical. Now she plays KJ Brandman, a complex character who is both kind and tough. She deals with the trauma of the events of Hell Day and tries to reconcile the events that have taken place.

Fina Strazza (KJ Brandman), Riley Lai Nelet (Erin Tieng), Camryn Jones (Tiffany Quilkin)

Interviews with Camryn Jones (Tiffany Quilkin) and Sofia Rosinsky (Mac Coyle)

Before Paper Girls, Camryn Jones landed the series regular role in the ABC comedy pilot Stages playing Maeve. You can also see her in Ava Duvernay’s cherish the day anthology on Oprah Winfrey’s OWN network as young Esther. On paper girls she plays Tiffany Quilkin. Tiffany is a really smart and buoyant character and is a born leader. Tiffany takes it upon herself to try and find a way to bring the girls back to 1988.

Camryn Jones as Tiffany Quilkin

Sofia Rosinsky is an actress and producer who works with her sister, Alexis Rosinsky. The two co-founded an independent film company, Stellaluna films, and made numerous short films that won international awards. She plays Mac Coyle on Paper girls. Mac is a complex character who deals with time travel in a different way than the other girls. She would rather stay in the future than go home.

Sofia Rosinsky as MacCoyle

Interview with Adina Porter (Prioress)

Adina Porter has worked in over 50 television series and 15 feature films, many with altered physical appearances and distinctly unique roles. She played “Beverly Hope” in American Horror Story: Cult for which she earned an Emmy nomination. Here playing Prioress, an Old Watch warrior in the middle of a time war that the four girls accidentally stumble upon.

Adina Porter (Prioress)

Interview with Nate Corddry (Larry)

Nate Corddry began his career as a correspondent on “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart,” and followed that with a long career in film and television. Corddry plays Larry, who is in the middle of a time war against the Old Watch and is stuck helping the girls get back to 1988.

Riley Lai Nelet (Erin Tieng), Nate Corddry (Larry)

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