Samsung partners with LIFE to offer a collection of historic images for The Frame TV

Samsung has announced a new partnership with LIFE Picture Collection to expand its collection of artwork for display on the company’s line of intuitive TVs, The Frame.

The frame is designed to be a TV when turned on and an art when turned off. Bigger than the best digital photo frames (opens in a new tab), The Frame is an innovative digital canvas that displays art in QLED image quality. With its all-new matte display introduced on the 2022 model, consumers can enjoy beautiful artwork with lifelike colors and glare-free detail thanks to significantly reduced reflections. Iconic institutions, art collectives and independent artists have all contributed to the ever-expanding selection of Samsung Art Store, which now hosts more than 2,000 works of art to suit everyone’s unique tastes.

The LIFE Picture Collection is a visual archive of the 20th century, capturing over 10 million photographs of significant historical figures and moments. Samsung Art Store has carefully selected 20 photographs from the collection, which are now available worldwide for The Frame owners. Samsung Art Store users will be able to experience history through stunning images, with subjects ranging from surfers on the West Coast of California to Pablo Picasso, and more.

Simon Sung, executive vice president and head of the sales and marketing team of the visual display business at Samsung Electronics, explains that The Frame’s catalog of artworks has grown enormously since its launch. launching in 2017. “It has also diversified considerably since then. It is important to us to be constantly on the lookout for new partners to offer customers a greater selection of high-quality works of art, and the LIFE Picture Collection partnership is essential. History is recorded in these photographs, and now consumers can exhibit them with the click of a button, without ever setting foot in a gallery or museum.

Samsung X Life

(Image credit: Samsung)

Samsung X Life

(Image credit: Samsung)

Through a partnership like this, Samsung aims to make art more accessible to everyone, enabling unique expressions of taste and access to some of the world’s most famous works of art. The collaboration with LIFE Picture Collection brings a new selection of historically significant pieces to the already extensive library of paintings, graphics and photographs on Samsung’s Art Store. There are also plans to introduce more photographs from LIFE’s Iconic Photo Archive to make the collection more accessible to subscribers, but Samsung has yet to confirm when that will happen.

Customers also get a free 2-month subscription to the Samsung Art Store with every purchase of The Frame 2022, meaning consumers can now display a piece of history in their own home right out of the box.

The Frame certainly bridges the gap between a TV space and a gallery, while providing a unique digital display to showcase art from around the world. Some might love it, while others might hate everything it stands for, but it’s safe to say digital screens are becoming more and more popular with people and even some galleries, and Samsung’s The Frame offers the best of both worlds.

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