Samsung Memorial Day sale: Save on Galaxy S22, The Frame and 4K QLED TVs

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Memorial Day is right around the corner, and in addition to spending time (hopefully outdoors) with family and friends, it’s also a time for some pretty epic sales.

From TVs and tablets to coffee machines, mattresses and appliances, it’s the kick-off of summer deals. Samsung is wasting no time this year with discounts across its entire product portfolio.

Deals on Samsung Galaxy phones

If you’re looking for a foldable phone, we’ve narrowed down some of our favorites to the compact Galaxy Z Flip 3 5G and the expansive Galaxy Fold 3 5G. Both are foldable phones that have unique cases but live at different price points. And since we are in the third generation for each, they have more durability.

Galaxy ZFlip 3 5G

You can get up to $800 off on Galaxy ZFlip 3 5G with an eligible trade-in, and they’ll launch a pair of Galaxy Buds Live for free. With an MSRP of $999, you could score the Galaxy Z Flip 3 5G for just $200. And for that price, you get a foldable smartphone that’s compact and just as much a fashion statement as it is futuristic technology.

the Galaxy ZFlip 3 opens from a compact square into a 6.7-inch smartphone. It also has a Full HD display with a fast refresh rate for realistic visuals, and has a selfie camera. When closed, you can use the cover screen to view notifications and even take a selfie with one of the two main cameras – a 12-megapixel wide and an ultra-wide 12-megapixel. the ZFlip 3 5G really is the foldable for most peopleand Samsung offers it in different colors.

Galaxy Z Fold 3 5G

Those who seek a productivity powerhouse can watch the Galaxy Z Fold 3 5G. It’s a smartphone that folds into a tablet, has ridiculous processing power to make all tasks fast, and supports the S-Pen. And currently, Samsung will give you up to $1,100 in trade-in credit and launch a Galaxy Watch 4 for free. This smartwatch is worth $249.99 on its own.

Galaxy S22, S22+, and S22 Ultra

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

While Samsung’s foldables are impressive, the tech giant is also in the traditional Candy Bar smartphone space. For all Galaxy S22 family — S22, S22+and S22 Ultra — Samsung is increasing trade-ins up to $1,000 for eligible devices and offering $100 instant credit. With either one you get excellent camerasa fast processor and stylish designs in bright colors.

Samsung headphones deals

Samsung Galaxy Buds 2

The Galaxy Buds 2 are just $109.99 starting at $149.99 and available in olive, black, lavender or white. As the Galaxy Buds should, these will quickly pair with a Samsung Galaxy phone for easy connectivity and can be controlled via a companion app. GalaxyBuds 2 features at once a noise canceling mode and an ambient sound mode which lets in ambient sound. This way, you can rock them while working or walking the streets of a city. you can expect 10 hours of readingand the case charges wirelessly or with USB-C.

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Deals on Samsung tablets

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8, Tab S8+ and Tab S8 Ultra

Samsung is still making Android tablets after all these years and the Tab S8, S8+ and S8 Ultra are among the most advanced. All three were launched earlier this year with a fast processor from Qualcomm, some Samsung software customizations, and S-Pen support. And whether you want the 11-inch Tab S8, the 12.4-inch Tab S8+, or the 14.6-inch Tab S8 Ultra, Samsung has them all. Not only do you get GalaxyBuds 2 for free, but you can get more for a trade. And if you get the Tab S8 Ultra, Samsung will give you a $200 credit that you can use for other accessories like a case or a quick wall plug.

SSamsung The Frame

Since its announcement at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2022, the latest The framework Television attracts attention. This year they have improved the visuals but above all added a matte coating on the screen. It makes digital art look like real paintings – down to the intricate details of a paper mat or paint veins – but it dramatically reduces reflections from light, people or other objects.

As the name suggests, this is a slim TV with slim bezels all around that looks like a framed piece of art on the wall. However, Samsung doesn’t include the glasses in the box, so you’ll have to buy them separately. The Slim Fit wall bracket is included, making it easy to mount one of these.

For Memorial Day, Samsung is taking up to $200 off select 2022 The Frame TVs. So you can mark a 65-inch The Frame for $1,799 from $1,999 or a 43 inch for only $899.99, down from $999.99. Plus, glasses for The Frame are 50% off at just $75 apiece.


This year, Samsung is making an OLED TV, which means some competition for Sony and LG. Samsung’s OLED uses a custom panel to deliver an immersive view with deep blacks and vibrant colors. Particularly, Samsung’s OLED uses Quantum Dots like its line of QLED TVs. The technology here is different and OLEDs are best for rooms where you can control the lighting, as an OLED can’t get as bright as an LED TV. Right now you can score a 55-inch OLED for $1,999.99 from $2,199.99 or a 65 inches for $2,799.99 starting at $2,999.99.

Samsung 4K QLED TVs

If you’re sale-savvy and looking for a 2021 model – as there hasn’t been much of a change with the 2022 TVs – you can mark a 4K QLED TV for as low as $499.99. Samsung is offering deep discounts on Q60A, Q70A and Q80A. All offer sleek designs that let you immerse yourself in content, 4K HDR images with Quantum Dots for a color boost, and support for all major smart home standards like Apple AirPlay 2.

Samsung Neo QLED TVs

If you want an even richer and more immersive experience, we suggest watching the Neo QLED TVs who use “Mini Quantum LEDs” to create the image. Essentially, there are more lights — like more cargo — behind the screen to better illuminate and more accurately generate an image. They combine that updated screen technology with a sleek design, a remote that charges via a solar panel on the back, and a Neo Quantum 4K processor to scale any content to make it better here. .

  • 65 inch 2021 QN85A Neo QLED ($1,349.99, originally $2,199.99;
  • 55 inch 2022 QN90B Neo QLED ($1,699.99, originally $1,899.99;

Samsung monitor deals

Samsung M8 Smart Monitor

Samsung M8 Smart Monitor

This M8 Smart Monitor is in its class as it’s a 32-inch monitor with a webcam, but it’s also a fully functional Smart TV. So it’s a suitable multimode device this could be perfect for apartment dwellers or anyone who wants tech to take up less space. You can plug in your laptop via USB-C to work during the day and look better on video calls with the SlimFit HD camera. Then at the end of the day, switch into the Tizen interface to stream from HuluDisney+, Paramount+and countless other services.

Oh, and did we mention it comes in fun colors? It’s sleek, takes up little desk space, and comes in green, blue, or pink. These three colors are on sale for $629.99 ($100 off). But if you’re cool with white, you can mark the Smart M8 for just $599.99.

Prices are correct and items in stock at time of publication.

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