Riedel signs $20 million deal for camera drones to film events

Riedel Communications has partnered with SailGP Technologies and Skyroads, a world leader in automated flight, to deliver more immersive visuals and significantly reduced CO.2 footprint at major public events.

Riedel and Skyroads enter into a strategic alliance to deliver a $20 million order of Skybot-Cam systems, which combine high payload drones with professional broadcast gyro-stabilized camera systems with live video, audio and data downlinks. direct.

The Skybot-Cam will be showcased at the SailGP international sailing competition in 2024, where it will feature alongside SailGP’s award-winning LiveLineFX augmented reality. The Skybot-Cam will then become available for all public events.

Riedel will be the worldwide Skybot-Cam system partner for major events and sports series. Skyroads and Riedel are also developing a product to push the boundaries of durability and technical innovation for sports broadcasting. Riedel will serve as an integrator, using its communications infrastructure for the Skyroads flight monitoring system.

Achim Kostron, Commercial Director of Skyroads, said, “Our Skybot-Cam system is a great way to implement the first applications of our later aviation-grade certified auto-flight system. We are delighted to embark on this project with the most respected partners in their field, Riedel and SailGP.

“Today’s professional airborne broadcast camera systems are primarily helicopter-based and require enormous organizational, technical and budgetary effort for a photographic platform which, although creating high quality images, does not is not viable in the long term,” said Warren Jones, chief technology officer at SailGP. “SailGP Technologies is synonymous with innovation in sustainable sports as part of its “Better Sport – Better Future” strategy, and it is partnerships with forward-thinking companies such as Riedel and Skyroads that allow us to achieve this. “

Thomas Riedel, Managing Director and Founder of the Riedel Group, said: “I am delighted to announce that we are partnering with Skyroads and SailGP Technologies to take durability and safety to a new level and deliver even more spectacular images from the summit. of sailing racing. This strategic partnership reflects our commitment and vision to improve innovation in order to create future-oriented formats, focusing on both environmental and safety aspects.


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