Remembrance Day Saturday to mark ten years since the fatal Verso Paper Mill fire

Originally published May 27, 2022

Updated on June 10, 2022

(KNSI) – The Sartell Historical Society is holding a Verso Paper Factory Remembrance Day on Saturday, June 11 to commemorate ten years since the factory caught fire in 2012.

The event will take place from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. at the Sartell Community Center.

Ann Doyscher-Domres, member of the historical society, explains some of the interactive exhibits set up.

“We will have an ongoing paper mill video presentation with some people whose people used to work at the paper mill. And we hope to have some former employees there. We will have an exhibition of the layout of the mill and the paper machines, and how it all worked. »

Doyscher-Domres vividly remembers the events of the morning before the explosion.

“I was part of the Memorial Day celebration at Sartell, which is right across from the stationery and my husband was taking pictures. We left that, went out for breakfast, came back to Sartell and saw this big plume of black smoke.

She said she had a son and a daughter-in-law living in a nearby apartment. At first, she feared that it was their building that would burn down. No one thought it could be the mill. Doyscher-Domres says the photographs may be among the last ever taken of the structure, which date back to 1905.

The explosion killed one and injured several others. Verso never rebuilt the factory. More than a dozen firefighters responded to the blaze.


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