Real Estate Logic – Important Tools of a Realtor® vs DIY

Occasionally, some homeowners decide to try selling their home themselves in hopes of saving the money that would be paid to a Realtor®. At first glance, selling a house seems quite simple. A quick trip to the hardware store for a yard sign and a few quick posts on social media and presto, buyers start showing up at your door. Like many other things in life, selling a home can be a lot more difficult.

The ability of a real estate agent to sell for a higher price than an owner is rooted in the fact that real estate agents have many more tools at their disposal. Let’s take a look at a few of them.


Perhaps the biggest challenge for a DIY home seller is to duplicate the marketing efforts of a full-time realtor. In today’s world of technology, the cost of real estate promotion has become prohibitive even for some professionals, let alone a sale by owner. HD and aerial photography, virtual tours, printed brochures and individual property websites are all expected by today’s homebuyers and not usually available to an individual.

When a property is submitted to the local multiple listings service, hundreds or even thousands of individual agents, who only get paid if they make a sale, are alerted that a certain property is now on the market. This means that the agent hired by the seller now becomes one of thousands who know all relevant details of a home and are able to lead their buyers.


No one knows the current market like a real estate agent. Each region and its local values ​​are constantly changing. These changing values ​​reflect the law of supply and demand. Because real estate agents are in the market daily, they know all relevant details of a home and are all equally welcome to bring their buyers.

Realtors know how to ask the tough questions that need to be asked in order to be sure they are spending their time with a viable buyer. It also helps the real estate agent direct the buyer to the mortgage lender that offers the most suitable financing.


Realtors understand the sensitive areas of the negotiation process due to their repeated experience in many transactions. as well as knowing and attending to the many details of closing the sale.

TIPS: I doubt you’d call an auto mechanic to pull out a wisdom tooth, so why take a chance on perhaps your biggest investment? Be wise. Call a licensed real estate agent to get the best possible result from selling your home.

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