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It’s kind of a Swiss day here at ScreenAnarchy. The Lausanne Underground Film & Music Festival has announced its full program for this year’s edition. There are some great films in their lineup, so we thought we’d make the festival a solid one and highlight them for our readers in the region.

by Peter Strickland Gourmet Feed will open the film program this year and Carter Smith’s Swallowed was chosen to close the five-day event. Between the two, festival-goers will also have the chance to see All bloated and full of worms, jethica and Unicorn Wars.


Aesthetics of excess, vocal saturations and collective telepathy will be on the program for the 21st edition!

The Lausanne Underground Film & Music Festival unveils the complete program for its 21st edition which will take place from October 19 to 23, 2022. With the Casino de Montbenon as its central location, the festival also invites its public to browse the various partner venues in Lausanne where screenings , sound performances, workshops, book launches and other exhibitions will come to life. Like the artists it showcases, LUFF constantly reinvents its contours and content by showing works that are at the crossroads and border of genres and practices. It is up to visitors to create their own journey, as winding as it may seem, between film programs showing muddy treasures unearthed from the upper echelons of underground cinema and concert evenings letting inaudible noises and inexpressible words be heard. In the midst of this asserted inconsistency, the festival hopes to bring back the unique effervescence of LUFF.

During the five days of festivities, the international competitions will unveil a total of 51 feature and short films grouped into 5 categories. The careers of personalities from independent cinema will be highlighted in 6 retrospectives and thematic carte blanche. 5 feature documentaries and 1 special screening in world premiere will complete this rich cinematographic offer. In terms of music, the Casino’s Salle des Fêtes will host no less than 22 performances and, in the outdoor area, 8 interdisciplinary projects will be presented free of charge as part of the OFF.


Culino-gastric performances should open this edition with Gourmet Feed a feature film by Peter Strickland, with actor Asa Butterfield (Sex education). The screening will be followed by the world premiere of Never Gate by Geneva directors Elena Montesinos and JD Schneider.

The feature film competition will open with the European premiere of the very strange All bloated and full of worms, which unfolds like a long, grimy, hallucinatory nightmare. Two international premieres will be presented: stuffed animalsyoung Kansas Bowlings director’s committed mondo on the dangers of being a young woman in the United States, and Breathe happy, which deals with the theme of addiction, or rather sobriety, at Christmas time and with a large dose of sensitivity. Set against a backdrop of dramatic satire, jethica, by American director Pete Ohs, will have its Swiss premiere. To finish, Unicorn Wars, a nasty Franco-Spanish cartoon, will divert the codes of animation for a somewhat brutal turnaround. Treasures of all kinds will follow one another in the short film competition and its four categories: animation, documentary, fiction and experimental.

This year’s documentary section creates links between the various LUFF artists and projects. French filmmakers Nicolas Drolc and Guillaume Marietta will unveil, in an international premiere, The Great International Triple Alliance of the East, an eponymous movement/non-movement film in which the Sida group was involved. The latter will return to the stage for the last night of the festival. Delia Derbyshire: Myths and Legendary Bands is a fascinating portrait of the artist who created the theme music for the Dr. Who series. The soundtrack of this biopic was also created by the artist Cosi Fanni Tutti, who will be on the poster of Other, like me on the journey of industrial music pioneers COUM Transmissions and Throbbing Gristle. The intruder of this very musical selection, Scream, queen! My nightmare on Elm Street recounts the period when Mark Patton was the target of homophobic attacks following his role in A Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy’s Revenge. The actor has since made his return to the big screen with a performance in Carter Smith’s Swallowedwhich will close this 21st edition.

Like every year, the LUFF highlights the careers of personalities in film production on the fringes with retrospectives and carte blanche. Central theme of this edition, the Camp and its queer and grotesque dimensions will be presented in “Bad Taste is Good Taste: Underground Camp Melodrama”. A component that we find in the aesthetics of the films of Stephen Sayadian, author of Café Flesh. Some of his photographic works will also be exhibited at La Rasude during the festival. Filmmaker Roberta Findlay will come to Switzerland for the first time to show us her erotic and horrifying works. As for the cinerama “Satirical & Political: A selection of short films”, it will give carte blanche to the resolute anarchist and sixty-eight man at heart, Jean-Pierre Bouyxou. Finally, the retrospective of militant documentaries by American director Travis Wilkerson will mark a political and social turning point in cinema programs.

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