Raised family kitchen with these adorable DIY fridge frame magnets

Some of us have fond memories of growing up spending a lot of time in front of the fridge in our homes, and not just for food. If you had some of those cool old ABC magnets, or maybe you had the parents who bought you the puzzles or toys that you stuck in the fridge and could move around. Or maybe you just had the chip magnets that held random papers and pictures.

But these were not very high end. Fortunately, a family found a super creative way not only display their beautiful photos on their fridge but also make it really pretty at the same time!


Shelby from PrettyInThePines had a similar problem when it came to displaying the things she wanted on her fridge without them being a little too “too” or too childish. After all, we’ve all seen the kitschy trinkets that fridge magnets usually look like, so we usually give in and just use things like chip magnets and forget about it or put nothing on our fridge at all.

But Shelby wanted something different, so she grabbed some cute picture frames from Amazon, some that weren’t cheap but weren’t too heavy, and got to work. She took each one out, then removed the heaviest parts of the stand, and simply stuck some magnets on, then inserted her favorite photos.

The best part about it is that it can match your own aesthetic! Go eclectic with a bunch of different shapes, sizes and colors or go for a unique theme like Shelby did with their more upscale, semi-Victorian gold scroll look! So if you wanted to go for a similar look and couldn’t find what you were looking for, do that instead!

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