QLED TV deal: Samsung’s The Frame 2022 TV is at its lowest price ever

Samsung’s 43-inch LS03B 4K QLED TV is on sale at Woot for just $740 (opens in a new tab)which knocks a whopping $257 off its original retail price of $1,000.

This product line is called “The Frame” because of its minimalist design that adopts the appearance of a real picture frame. You can use it to showcase photos or artwork when the TV is off.

Best Samsung The Frame QLED TV deal

The LS03B is no ordinary television. It sports a QLED display with HDR10 and 120Hz support, Bluetooth 5.1 and a variety of apps and smart features; but that’s not the whole story.

The Samsung sports a clean, natural look with thick, customizable bezels, designed to make the TV look and feel as natural as any framed painting you might see hanging on the wall.

As a result, the Frame TV is designed to perform like a work of art when turned off. You can choose to display different illustrations or photos from your personal collection, all at the touch of a button.

Usually, Samsung’s Frame range is more expensive as it’s a more luxurious proposition, but with a substantial reduction of $257, the 43-inch model is now under $1,000. This might be worth considering if you want a 4K TV with some serious styling.


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