QAnon supporters pick up migrant children at border

According The New York TimesQAnon supporters intercepted migrant children at the border with Mexico, then compiled information on their relatives in the United States

It’s a bizarre campaign led by a man named Jason Frank, a minor influencer in QAnon circles, who has been at the border since April in a borrowed motorhome. The movement, which has seen QAnon adherents and far-right activists attract children who have just crossed the border with things like hot dogs and burgers. Frank and others in his group camped in Arizona to “protect child sex traffickers” from a satanic cabal – a theme central to the QAnon movement. “They are victims of trafficking, sex trafficking. It’s the No. 1 trade,” Frank said, as quoted by the Time.

According to the report, the group was seen intercepting a group of 15 migrant children from Guatemala, who were taken to a campsite where they received food. There, Frank gave them “Let’s Go Brandon” shirts with images of President Biden, after which the children were rounded up and made to pose for a group photo.

The podcast Red pill 78 interviewed Frank at the border as he explained his process of “rescuing” the children. “First of all, we catch them, we pray for them, we love them. In this process of having them here, we ask them to call their sponsors. And we start this information, this research. Once we get that information, we sometimes fool them We tell them we’re sending a care package We get the address and we tear it up, man Frank told the podcast that he had two missions, to intercept the drugs and save the children He said he worked with the militia group, Veterans on Patrol.

When asked how many children actually went to see family members across the border, he said he estimated that only 10% of children were not trafficked, but that he had no supporting facts or data.

Frank is also said to keep an AR-15 and a host of other weapons inside his RV. While Frank has insisted his group always alerts Border Patrol to the children’s arrival, immigration activists have sounded the alarm over QAnon supporters who collect information on the children’s parents. in the United States, which they believe can lead to harassment of immigrant families. “We believe the conduct of this group is illegal and extremely dangerous,” said public defender Margo Cowan. Time.

Chris Nanos, the Pima County Sheriff, called the ‘QAnon guys’ patrolling the border a ‘crazy job’ but said it was up to US Customs and Border Protection to s take care of it.

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