Put your coastline in the frame for the photography prize

CLARE amateur photographers are invited to put the county’s coastline and waterways into the frame as Clean Coasts launches its annual ‘Love Your Coast’ photography contest.

The contest is open for submissions from Clare photographers for its 13th year. The Love Your Coast competition asks amateur photographers to capture and celebrate the uniqueness of our coastal communities, environments or waterways, such as its stunning coastline, beautiful beaches, epic cliffs and raging rivers.

Clare has some of the most spectacular coastlines in the world and Clean Coasts wants to encourage people to get their cameras out when exploring the Irish coast and capturing its beauty.

In 2021, Clare photographer Mike Orth won second place in the Wildlife and Underwater category for his photo titled Compass by Cave Light which was taken at the entrance to Donegal Point Cave in Kilkee, County Clare .

Additionally, Gavin Sheehan with the photo titled Finavarra Under the Night Sky and Piotr Machowczyk with the photo Mighty Cliffs of Moher were shortlisted in the top ten images for Coastal Heritage and Coastal Landscape, respectively.

Photographers have until Monday, August 29, 2022 at 9 a.m. to submit their best images in one of five categories for a chance to win a prize of €5,000 across all categories.

Categories for this year include: Wildlife and Underwater; coastal landscape; The people and the coast; Coastal heritage; Creativity and Coast.

Each year, Love Your Coast attracts great interest from Irish amateur photographers, coastal enthusiasts and those concerned about conservation and biodiversity. Clean Coasts has ensured that there is a diverse range of categories so there really is something for everyone.

Photographers are encouraged to explore new and different methods and angles for capturing coastal regions and wildlife and would be discouraged from photographing locations and species that have been heavily subjected to in previous years.

Working with communities on the ground, Clean Coasts’ mission is to help foster pride in our coastline, supporting Clean Coasts communities, groups and volunteers to address issues affecting their region.

This competition provides an opportunity to see the coast and our waterways that the Clean Coasts program strives to protect from a completely different perspective and to see the beauty captured there.

Sinead McCoy, Head of Clean Coast, said: “The Clean Coasts program works with communities and supports them in their efforts to protect our coastline. What the Love Your Coast Photography competition does is augment that work by showcasing our breathtaking coastline that helps encourage and inspire the public and communities to protect it in the future.

Visit cleancoasts.org to learn more about the contest and how to enter.

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