Presentation of the 15 most popular articles on the city published in 2021

Nowadays, Washington City Paper published 1,105 stories in 2021 in a variety of formats. Our editors have brought you newsletters, summaries of recommended dishes and activities, profiles and surveys throughout the year. The ongoing pandemic has dominated our coverage, but when it comes to the stories readers clicked the most, COVID-19 did not topped the list. Readers, as always, were curious about life in DC and the issues that affected them and their neighbors: fair treatment of tenants, issues with the district’s unemployment system, and reports on social media. And, of course, readers wanted to know what and where to eat safely. Our 15 most popular stories of the year follow. Read the ones you may have missed or refresh your memories of stories posted earlier in the year. We are already preparing for the stories we will tell you in 2022. —Caroline Jones

Landlords receive federal funds for rent assistance, even when tenants live in poor conditions
Tenants at three DC properties have spent the past year fighting for rent relief and better housing conditions. Although they have had some success, their fight is not over.
By Amanda Michelle Gomez
* This story is also available in Spanish.

Photo of POGI-O-Catfish at PogiBoy by Laura Hayes Credit: Laura Hayes

Eight remarkable sandwiches to devour in Washington this summer
From a sinful cheesesteak bagel to a purple take on a Filet-O-Fish sandwich with a Filipino twist.
By Laura Hayes
* Feast on our comprehensive guide to sandwiches here.

Photo of Zinnia’s outdoor grounds courtesy of Zinnia

Zinnia to replace Ms K’s tollhouse in Silver Spring
Chris Brown’s concept of Takoma Beverage Co. will include a beer and wine garden, cafe and gourmet restaurant.
By Nevin Martell

Photo from A League of Her Own by Darrow Montgomery Credit: Darrow Montgomery

DC cafes, bars and restaurants requiring proof of vaccination
Gourmet restaurants and dive bars have vaccination policies in place, primarily for indoor dining only.
By Laura Hayes
* This story continues to be updated regularly.

REDEYE Night Market Crowd Photo by Devin Maier Credit: Devin Maier

Diners Strike Out at REDEYE Night Market, Swarm Downtown Restaurants
No Kings Collective co-founder Peter Chang explains what went well and what needs to be adjusted next time around.
By Laura Hayes

Photo credit Nellie’s Sports Bar: “2020.05.07 DC People and Places, Washington, DC USA 127 13208-Edit” by tedeytan is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 Credit: “2020.05.07 DC People and Places, Washington, DC USA 127 13208-Edit” by tedeytan is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Security at Nellie’s sports bar dragged a black woman up the stairs. His family is now pursuing a civil action.
Locals are also calling on DC to protest and boycott Nellie’s Sports Bar.
By Amanda Michelle Gomez and Laura Hayes

Photo of Ivy and Coney by Laura Hayes Credit: Laura Hayes

I looked at the door of a DC bar the first night it needed proof of vaccination
“With all the rhetoric there is about this, I’m glad my fears are unfounded. I haven’t been called a communist yet, so that’s great.
By Laura Hayes

Photo of Molly Schuyler (center) at Z-Burger in July 2021 courtesy of Kenny Fried Credit: Courtesy of Kenny Fried

Competitive eater Molly Schuyler ate 34 burgers in 10 minutes at Z-Burger
The Maryland mom has made a name for herself at culinary competitions across the country.
By Dora Segall

DOES Photo by Darrow Montgomery Credit: Darrow Montgomery

A technical problem delays unemployment benefits
An unknown number of people did not receive their unemployment benefits.
By Amanda Michelle Gomez and Laura Hayes

Photo of DC REALTIME NEWS Founder Larry Calhoun by Darrow Montgomery Credit: Darrow Montgomery

Tweeters behind streams like DC REALTIME NEWS bring awareness to every shoot
Whether reporting them is harmful or helpful in a city struggling with police reform and violent crime is up to who you ask.
By Laura Hayes

Photographic illustration by Darrow Montgomery

Employees reveal frenetic working conditions in understaffed restaurants
Diners are back, but it’s far from usual in DC bars and restaurants.
By Laura Hayes and Michael Loria

Courtesy of Cathy Carver Credit: Cathy Carver

Which DC museums are open and when?
A carefully organized roundup from May 2021
By Emma Sarappo

Photo of a bacon-sharp cook by Darrow Montgomery Credit: Darrow Montgomery / file

A brutal list of ingredients and products restaurants can’t find or afford
Chefs and restaurateurs advocate for patience and flexibility as they grapple with supply chain challenges.
By Laura Hayes

Photo of Stevensville Crab Shack Scallop Tray by Laura Hayes

Here is your bucket list for summer meals
Where to eat and drink in Washington this summer.
By Laura Hayes

Photo of the Compass Coffee Mug by Laura Hayes Credit: Laura Hayes

Which DC Companies Got the Biggest Grants and Other Restaurant Revitalization Fund Questions
The restaurants and other food companies approved for the awards were made public this week, sparking discussions and debate.
By Laura Hayes

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