Pinterest launches new tools to let you shop directly from the app

Currently, social media apps are in a phase of constant competition to see which becomes another sales channel. It’s a fact that all those who enable the use of multimedia content are the ones who help create virtual storefronts and Pinterest doesn’t want to be left behind. The proof is that they will soon arrive in bulk news to sell and buy products through the app.

Pinterest news to buy via the app

The apps with photographic functions are the ones that get the most attention, especially those that are useful to many. The point is that businesses large and small are doing everything possible to get their products to circulate on the Internet and for that the collaboration of social networks is necessary.

In this case, we have to talk about one of the apps that offers the most ideas to users, namely Pinterest and its new buy and sell functions in the app. To begin with, they will have a collection presentation function. For this the slide format will be used, in which a video is created with the advertiser’s most prominent products to promote some of their products.

Of course, this bet of the photographic application is a bet for e-commerce and that is why it will allow users that users have more products in their cart and they will also have access to the recorded content of those videos we mentioned earlier in slide format.

On the other hand, and not least, new Pinterest features they also focus on using new merchant verification processes. This is very important because users need those who sell a product to be a real profile and for this two functions will be available. The first is the merchant details, which are little tags from which you can put important details that the owner considers about their business.

But this will be available with the second option which are the Verified merchants. This Pinterest feature will help identify trusted businesses, which will have a badge to show. That is, to give you an idea, like verified profiles from TikTok or Twitter, so you will have to go through a process to earn this badge which will surely bring many followers to the profile.


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