PHOTOS: The Paper Kites – Nashville, TN – 09/23/22

The Paper Kites brought their North American tour to The Basement East in Nashville on September 23, 2022. The indie-rock and folk band from Melbourne are known for their folk influence and transcendent music on any record. Lead singer Sam Bentley describes the fluidity of the band, saying, “We’re everything we put out on the last record.”

The evening began with a stellar performance by Bre Kennedy, from Nashville. Bre’s rich voice and timeless storytelling made for a well-received start to the evening. The Paper Kites kicked off their set with “St. Clarity,” the title track from their 2013 album. latest album. R

dare. Roses, the fifth studio album from The Paper Kites, is a heat-unified record with a guest vocalist on every track. Bentley hits the nail on the head when describing the bands’ music, saying “If you were to walk along a busy street and something caught your eye – something small that had no business there – but you picked it up and put it in your pocket, you couldn’t not say why – but for some reason you kept it with you – for me it’s our music”.

If you’re looking for something unexpected to keep close to you, be sure to listen to the music of The Paper Kites, starting with their latest album Roses.

Buy your tickets for the rest of the North American and UK+EU tours here.

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