Paper Shoot makes eco-friendly cameras with a retro twist

The surge in popularity of instant cameras shows how much people love to play with the retro style. The latest cool throwback camera comes with a thoughtful, eco-friendly twist. Paper Shoot is an innovative digital camera that allows you to capture film-like photos.

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What is Paper Shoot?

Paper Shoot is a compact camera with a handful of parts that are fairly easy to assemble yourself. Insert the circuit board into a creative case of your choice, insert an SD card and two AAA batteries, then secure it with a few screws that can be twisted by hand – no special tools are required.

“The switchable and changeable camera case provides people with a fun and unique digital photography experience, tailor-made for the individual, brand or event,” the Paper Shoot website explained.

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A deconstructed camera placed on a table.

How is Paper Shoot environmentally friendly?

The slim and simplistic design is not only easy to assemble, but also good for the environment. To reduce the environmental impact of Paper Shoot, the brand favors a compact design and uses environmentally friendly materials such as stone paper for the case. In addition, one of the main goals of the company is to “create sustainable and sustainable alternatives to film and disposable cameras”. With Paper Shoot, you get the aesthetics of a retro camera without having to use and throw away a disposable plastic camera.

“We all want to do our best,” Paper Shoot said. “We do our best to produce responsibly by sourcing sustainable and recycled materials where we can, and tackling unethical work by providing all our workers with decent wages and working conditions. healthy, safe and enjoyable. We’re also doing our best to live in the moment and get back to the simplicity of photography and life before phones and social media.

These values ​​are part of the appeal of Paper Shoot. In an age when almost everyone has a phone capable of taking high definition photos and seeing instant results, Paper Shoot offers a chance to capture a moment without getting sucked into your phone. Think slow fashion but for cameras. Paper Shoot’s thoughtful design encourages users to unplug and connect with the world around them.

What are the options?

In a Paper Shoot Camera Bundle, you will get the outer case in a design of your choice, a circuit board, a camera strap, and everything else you need to assemble the camera. Optional accessories such as a vegetable tanned Italian leather shoulder bag to hold your camera and radial and micro effects lenses are also available. If you want to swap case designs, you can purchase additional cases in styles ranging from an eight-track stripe to a cork texture.

Several boxes of photographic material arranged among the plants.


Courtesy of Paper Shoot, I took this smart little camera for a test drive. The camera kit and cases come in minimalist brown paper packaging, a definite plus for eco-conscious buyers. Unpack everything and you have all the parts to assemble your camera. This is another great part of Paper Shoot – not only do you get a camera, but you also get a fun DIY project. This would make a great gift for photography enthusiasts who want a customizable and convenient experience.

The assembly is quite simple. I was able to put everything together using simple instructions on the back of the box (although I checked online to make sure I connected the screws correctly). At first, it seems impossible for this simple little creation to function like a camera. To test it, I pointed the lens at a perfect subject for my first photo. Our family dog ​​looked especially adorable in the black and white film photo style.

A black and white photo of a dog.

If you like the look of film photography, the Paper Shoot Camera is a great, simple alternative. After taking several test photos, I removed the SD card and reviewed my shots. The cinematic effect of Paper Shoot gives everything an artistic and vintage look. A switch on the back of the camera even lets you choose between color, black and white, blue, or sepia filters. Then all you have to do is aim at the camera and click a button on the front of the case. A small blue light will flash and a shutter sound will let you know the photo has been taken. Check out this image comparison to see examples of filter effects.

Four flower images in various filters.

The more I used the Paper Shoot camera, the more it grew in me. Many of us have been extremely connected since the start of the pandemic and have forced much of our communication to go digital. Paper Shoot is a fun way to capture fun moments without reaching for your phone and obsessing over how things look in every shot.

The cinematic look is a huge plus as well. It gives the impression that each picture is part of an old photo album. Couple that with the company’s green and ethical practices, and you’ve got a purchase you can feel good about.

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Images via Paper Shoot and Grae Gleason / Inhabitat

Editor’s Note: This product review is not sponsored by Paper Shoot. All opinions on the products and the company are those of the author.

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