Paper Magazine Stars From BTS, Ranveer Singh to Zayn Malik, Rihanna kissing the page

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Paper Magazine is a New York City magazine focusing on fashion, culture, music, nightlife, art, and movies. The paper magazine is quite famous. And this year, Indian star Ranveer Singh did a photo shoot for the magazine. And it wasn’t just any photoshoot, but the actor did a nude photoshoot. The images which went viral instantly drew mixed reactions from the public.

Here is the list of popular celebrities featured in Paper Magazine.

First up is Ranveer Singh, who just surprised everyone by getting naked for the Paper Magazine photo shoot. Some people praise it, while others don’t care. But it’s brave to take a big step like this.

Next on the cover is American rapper Kanye West. The rapper has been praised for his music in The American Dream.

The other on the cover is the world famous BTS boys. The title says to break the internet; the boys create something new every day and buzz the web. In the cover poster, the BTS boys looked perfect.

Next is Hollywood singer Katy Perry who portrays the transformation. She looked mesmerizing in her cover photo.

Travis Scott has also been featured in Paper Magazine. He is rooted in fashion with his badass look in a blazer and afro hairstyle.

Another is pop singer queen Rihanna. The singer is known for his bold statements and experimental style, as evidenced by the cover photo. She opted for a really different and unique look.

Singer Harry Styles didn’t come back to kill with his dressing style on Paper Magazine. He captures fashion by breaking the stereotypical approach and likes to wear whatever he wants.

Last but not least, Zayn Malik steals our hearts with his sexy look in Paper Magazine.

Proud that our Indian actors are also featured in Paper Magazine.

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