Paintsville Photographer’s ‘Paper Pixels’ Pay Tribute to Chris Stapleton

PAINTSVILLE, Ky. (WYMT) — A traveling Paintsville photographer has spent the last year of the pandemic diving into a project inspired by country creators.

After seeing Letcher County’s “Picasso Post-it,” Tyler Watts’ work with Muppet mosaic murals, Shawn Cole wanted to bring a similar idea to life for the people of Paintsville.

“But I had to give it some kind of hometown flavor,” Cole said.

With a touch of medium and using the knowledge of a photographer, Cole decided to pay homage to a popular musician with roots in the region.

“And we have tons of great musicians here. And the great thing, you know, Chris puts the focus back on eastern Kentucky,” Cole said. “I think he’s lit the fire in country music again here. Like, he was really a catalyst for musicians, saying, ‘Hey. This guy succeeded. Maybe, you know, start making them hungry.

A secure muse, Cole used Photoshop to create a 6-color photo of Chris Stapleton, before creating a wooden grid to start the process – using each square to represent a photographic pixel. After weighing the idea of ​​using guitar picks for the piece, he came up with a more promising answer. Ordering more than enough square stickers, he began placing them on two boards, by hand, pixel by pixel.

“But it’s relaxing, at the same time, to go through and see progress. Like, that was one of the coolest things. You start to see things appear that weren’t there before,” a- he declared.

The process, which has been underway for a year, is now coming to an end. And with over 25,200 stickers, “The Traveller” was born.

He said it was a project that provided clarity, focus and an outlet when he needed it most, creating a literal reminder that messes and small pieces are all part of a bigger picture. . So sometimes you just have to take a step back and accept it.

“If they’re that close, they’re like, ‘What is this?’ But when they walk around, they say, ‘Oh my God. I was right next to it. I didn’t even know what it was. It’s like the fog is lifting and you finally see, you know, the trees,” he said.

Cole plans to frame and display the piece in the coming weeks, hoping to find a space for it where people can view it as he intended.

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