NONPOINT shares lyric video for “Paper Tigers”

NO DOT released the official lyric video for their latest single, “Paper Tigers”. The song, originally made available in September through the band’s independent label 361 degree recordingswas crossed out by Chris Collierthe producer, engineer, mixer and multi-instrumentalist who worked with CORN, WHITE SNAKE, LYNCH MOB, Mick March and much more.

NO DOT singer Elias Soriano said: “In 10 records, 20 years and over 150 songs released, I can confidently say this is the heaviest track NO DOT never published.”

NO DOT spear 361 Degrees Records LLC in January 2021. They filmed the process of creating the label and creating new music in a documentary series called “A Path to Independence” that can be seen on the group Youtube and official site.

In December 2021, NO DOT released their latest EP, “Ruthless”. This followed their independent label plan of providing music to their fans through more frequent group releases and videos.

Asked in a recent interview with “Making Waves: The ShipRocked Podcast” whether releasing EPs rather than full albums is “the way to go” for him and his bandmates, Soriano said: “For us, I think, as we talked about in our documentary during the pandemic, before we dropped ‘Ruthless’ and the next one to come was a test of what everyone told us over the past 20 years that we could or couldn’t do with our music. Because I’ve worked with a lot of great teams – we started with MCAwent to Washwent to Geffenwent to rocket sciencethen we went to Razor and Tie so what Concorde; a lot of big, big, big names and big, big, big teams. And they have their systems in place. So when you go in there and say, “Hey, I feel like my fans would be really into this kind of song,” there’s a lot of doors you have to go through to finally feel like you have a answer to whether or not this feeling is right. When it’s all up to you and the risk is yours and you’ve been asking this question for as long as we have, at this point it’s just, ‘Fuck it. I’ll just do it. And I’m not even going to ask.

“What we did with ‘Ruthless’, because we were switching to the indie world, is that we wanted to make sure that our base was taken care of,” he explained. “For the past 20 years, I’ve dropped shit on radio and I’ve done well on radio; I don’t want to pretend that I don’t have radio songs. But I come back to Hans Haedeltour first A&R guy, when he signed us, and he was, like, ‘You’re gonna be the Latin PANTHER.’ And that’s because he saw our shows live with music that we had written that was completely untouched – by the producers, by whoever. So when we became independent and I sat down with robb [Rivera, drums] and I sat down with the guys, it was all about answering that question. And we had to fund that, to make sure that… And we did – the ‘Ruthless’ EP, streams, everything went so well for us that we are able now… Our label, the first year, is now in the black and our independence too. So everything is moving so positively that we don’t have to worry about things like budgets anymore, where that used to be a constant issue. Well, we worry about them, but it’s money versus risk. And it’s, like, ‘Well, we never got to do this, so let’s fucking do it.’

“With the upcoming EP… ‘Ruthless’ was, like, ‘Yes, they box write songs the way NO DOT writes independent songs. Now watch what they do when the handcuffs are off and the gloves are off and we’re ready to throw ‘” elias added. “Like, the next song we’re releasing on this EP is definitely going to turn heads.”

Earlier this year, elias Told “HRH Metal featuring Dan Chan” that the group’s decision to go it alone with NO DOTThe record company’s own resulted in “less anxiety and more anxiety”, adding that he has “a team” of “professional people in place” to run the business for him and his bandmates.

“I’m no newbie when it comes to the overall reach and understanding of the music industry, but I know when to step aside and let someone else steer the ship,” said- he declared.

When asked what he missed about having a bigger label behind his band, Soriano said: “Relationships and friendships. It’s fun to work with a team that you know everyone around the corner is a professional. It certainly gives less anxiety. But you see, even the staff “, they feel the same kind of restriction. They want to go harder; they want to spend more money – you know they want to – but they have people to answer to.”

As for how he balances the commercial and creative side of being in a band, elias said: “It’s not easy, but we’re doing it, and that’s what matters. And the product that’s coming out is better than ever. It’s a lot of fun. It really is. I’m have fun doing that.”

In 2021 alone, NO DOTthe song “Ruthless” reached 16th place on Billboard‘s Rock Chart and was featured on the New Metal Tracks and Kickass Metal playlist on Spotify, SiriusXM OctaneThe Big Uns Countdown, LA Lloyd Top 30 and Wired Nights. “Ruthless” was also the featured track on AEWnationally televised event “Blood and Guts” on DTT in May 2021.

NO DOTthe songs of “Ball with a Name”, “Alive and healthy”, “In the Air Tonight”, “Circles”, “Your Signs”, “Everyone Down” and many more have been featured in trailers, blockbuster movies, television, iconic video games, as well as TV shows. NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, WWF.

NO DOT has toured with major artists like DISTURBED, DAD CARDS, MUDVAYNE and SEPTEMBER, to name a few. They have also been featured on the main stages and supporting stages of iconic festivals like Sound wave, Rock Am Park, Rock Am ring, Ozzfest, rock on the beach, Welcome to Rockville and much more.

Photo credit: Francesca Ludikar

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