No Monday newspaper, but an expanded Sunday newspaper to come

The dispatch is moving forward with plans to drop its Monday edition this week and expand its Sunday edition.

No Monday newspapers will be printed tomorrow, although reporters will work and publish stories on the company’s website, Dispatch editor Peter Imes said.

“We remain committed to our print product and producing the most comprehensive reports in the region,” said Imes. “Our newsroom size remains the same and, in fact, we are hiring.”

Imes pointed to difficulty in hiring certain positions as the reason for the change.

“It’s particularly difficult to hire specialized positions like press operators right now,” he said. “This change won’t result in a lot of savings for us, but it will give our production department some much-needed relief in their schedules.”

The Monday profile, a popular weekly feature, will move to Tuesday under a new name, as will the education page. Shannon Bardwell’s weekly column will air Sunday and Tuesday, space permitting.

From November 20, the Sunday edition of the newspaper will expand to three sections. Classifieds, comics and puzzles will move to the third section of the newspaper, leaving more room for news, sports, lifestyles and opinions. Scene & Seen, a social event photo gallery that was discontinued at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic due to a lack of public events, will be reintroduced.

The monthly cost of a subscription goes from $14.95 to $14.45. Subscribers who have prepaid will have their terms extended due to the price change.

The Dispatch is one of only eight newspapers in the state to have its own press, and it will continue to print the paper at its downtown Columbus location.

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