New TFAS exhibition celebrating regional artists

The Federation of Artistic Societies of Toledo (TFAS), in collaboration with the Art Department of the University of Toledohosts a new exhibition named “TFAS100+5” which features art from creators in Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan.

Kingston Healthcare Purchase Award winning photography by Dena Eber
Photo courtesy of TFAS.

TFAS is an organization that works in tandem with the Toledo Art Museum that promotes artists from the region and maintains a comprehensive collection of works by artists from the Toledo region.

Artists must have resided in the region and be at least 18 years old to participate in the exhibition.

The new exhibit showcases many different types of mediums from artists in the region. From silks and photography to ceramics and charcoal drawings, this exhibit is home to several art forms to view, and the full catalog is available online for free.

The exhibit became available June 17 and can be viewed in person or virtually. The virtual version of the exhibit is available for community members to view online. The virtual version of the exhibition features personal statements from local artists and a description of their work.

The in-person portion of the exhibit can be viewed at the University of Toledo Visual Arts Center, located at 620 Art Museum Dr. The exhibit can be viewed through August 6 of this year.

The exhibition also features an online winners collection that contains works by regional artists who have won a TFAS or Kingston Healthcare Purchase Award.

For more information on the “TFAS100+5” exhibition and catalog, visit

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