New rules for foreign photographers and film crews to protect Egyptian cultural heritage

Khaled Al-Anani, Egyptian Minister of Tourism and Antiquities, said that among the recommendations and procedures being adopted, to support the tourism sector, are those related to the rules of photography in public places.

Al-Anani noted that a regulatory decision is under consideration, in preparation to be submitted to the Council of Ministers for approval, which includes many mechanisms that regulate photography of all kinds in the country.

In this regard, the minister stressed the need to work towards a one-stop-shop mechanism that collects all fees and obtains approvals from all relevant authorities, with a commitment to grant permissions within a specified and announced time frame, taking into account account of the commitment not to copy and publish scenes offensive to the country and citizens and not to photograph children, while not photographing citizens without their written consent.

Al-Anani explained that the regulatory decision divides photography into three types. The first type is related to the personal photography of Egyptians, resident foreigners and tourists, where photography will be allowed with all types of traditional or digital cameras, as well as video cameras, without requiring prior permits or payment. of charges.

The second type is that which relates to foreign media, foreign correspondents and news photography, as the State Information Service will continue to issue permits based on applications submitted to it, provided that these permits be granted within (10 days) from the date of introduction of the request from the information service to the competent authorities, and within (15 days) for requests for underwater photography and aerial photography.

The one-stop-shop policy is applied with regard to obtaining the necessary permits, with the authority putting in place the necessary mechanism in coordination with the authorities concerned to collect the total prescribed fees on behalf of all parties, provided that this is done through the proposed center. be established.

The third type of photography is related to television, film and documentary productions.

The Minister underlined that it is proposed to set up a digital platform for granting cinematographic authorizations.

During the meeting, Al-Anani discussed the artistic and cultural activities and events that have been implemented in cooperation with the Ministry of Culture in this regard, in addition to the preparations of the ministry to organize the Cairo Conference for the protection of cultural heritage “Towards International measures to disrupt illegal trade chains and protect cultural property”, scheduled for next October.

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