New ADOX COLOR MISSION 35mm film: a “reverse Kickstarter”

A new, highly limited ISO 200 35mm color film from ADOX is upon us just 41 days past 2022. It was released on Thursday, February 10, 2022 and is available for pre-order now in limited quantities in 36 exposures, 35 mm cassettes.


The film, described by ADOX as having “delicately vibrant minty greens, peachy reds, airy grain and heart purpose”, is named to reflect what it means to the company: funding the future development of an all-new color photographic film. Described as “a kind of reverse Kickstarter”only one batch of ADOX COLOR MISSION is available for purchase immediately.

Proceeds from the sale of ADOX COLOR MISSION will go towards a new R&D project for this new, as yet unnamed film, and according to ADOX, is “to assist the community in alleviating current color film shortages, as well as advancing ADOX toward our research goals.”

According to the company, only one batch of ADOX COLOR MISSION was co-researched and coated for ADOX by a company that went bankrupt shortly after the first trial. ADOX starts its own fully independent research and development for color films, which naturally requires significant investment:

  • ADOX chemical production funds the search for new photochemistry.
  • ADOX Polywarmtone emulsion helps advance the development of paper products.
  • ADOX COLOR MISSION adds a third component dedicated specifically to film development

ADOX goes on to say, “As a matter of fact, a new movie won’t come out next year – in four years, maybe. Color Mission’s supply will be sufficient for this time, and perhaps a little longer.

As mentioned above, ADOX COLOR MISSION is available from Thursday, February 10 at Fotoimpex store (with worldwide delivery), and can be ordered here.

New to ADOX? ADOX is the oldest photochemical manufacturer in the world, with a history dating back to 1860. In the midst of the analog market crash in 2003, ADOX was the first company to come back to life with a production line of machines saved from bankruptcy . Konica, Forte and Agfa factories. Today, almost two decades later, the new ADOX operates in Germany and Switzerland and produces chemical filters, black and white films, liquid photo emulsions and gelatin filters.

Much of the company’s photochemical production is based on original Agfa recipes and heritage, such as Rodinal, Neutol and MCC. All the latest releases have an “eco-friendly version” like dust-free powders or an inversion kit with non-hazardous bleach. You can check out a review of their HR-50 hi-res film and a little showdown comparing ADOX Silvermax 100 to the original Agfa APX 100 right here on EMULSIVE.


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