NBC News covers the new movie boom by shooting the story entirely on film

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The segment was the first new material NBC News shot on film in more than 40 years (Photo: Vladimir Paradnyi/Pexels)

American network NBC covered the growing interest in film photography on its evening news Monday (October 17) with one subtle difference — he shot the entire segment on film.

The “Developing Story” segment, moderated by journalist Gadi Schwartz, was shot with a 1970s Beaulieu 4008 camera as well as a Rhona Super 8 camera, giving the segment a distinctive look. It is the first NBC news segment to be shot on film in over 40 years.

Schwartz tweeted that the segment also included stills shot on a Minolta SR-T 101, Canon AE-1 and Mamiya RB67.

The report came a week after Eastman Kodak – the company that makes Kodak cinema and filmstrips – said it wanted to hire more than 300 new staff to ensure it could meet photography demand. , which has seen an explosion of interest in recent years.

You can see the full clip via NBC’s Twitter below:

After losing popularity, film photography is experiencing a comeback fueled by younger generations and social networks.

@GadiNBC takes us inside the developing craze with a fully filmed story. https://t.co/gO2GOdb0Cw

In the segment, Schwartz said, “Here at NBC News, it’s been over 44 years since we measured footage in actual feet.

Schwartz joined the popular YouTuber movie grainy days filming a movie in Los Angeles. When asked what he thought of the sound of filming a movie, Grainydays (aka Jason Kummerfeldt) replied that it sounded like “old mechanical perfection”.

The news also visited a camera store Tuttle cameras in Long Beach, where owner Erik Vitwar said demand for films had recently tripled and prices for vintage cameras had “skyrocketed”. He used the example of a Canon AE-1 which currently sells for $299, up from $160 three years ago.

The segment also paid a visit to photography tutor School of Light, with tutor Andrew Hall saying the film “is always magical – it never ceases to be exciting”. He even staged a six-year-old photographer, Byron Lewis, already in love with filming: “It looks like magic”.

Schwartz also released behind-the-scenes footage from the film’s set only, which you can view below.

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