My dream come true: the Kodak Eastman Double-X film now in 120 format. Available at CineStill for photographers for the first time in medium format …!

Four years ago, I began to wonder if a new film at the time, the Bergger Pancro 400, had done the impossible; gave me a BW movie that looked like my beloved Kodak Eastman Double-X 5222 in 120 medium format. It’s approached, but now, in 2021, how about trying the real thing? Available for the first time in medium format, say hello to CineStill BwXX 120 AKA Kodak Eastman Double-X medium format film.

Naturally, CineStill is quite proud to release this stock of classic motion pictures in true 120 for the first time. Double-X has been in continuous use with little change since 1959. This release marks the only availability of this film in this format as of May 26, 2021.

In short, if you want the downright jaw-dropping Kodak Eastman Double-X movie in medium format, right now CineStill is your best and your only bet. If you are not aware Kodak Eastman Double-X, let me do an introduction through:

Le Phare (2019), Raging Bull (1980), Schindler’s List (1993), Stranger Than Paradise (1984), Malcolm & Marie (2021), Memento (2000), Kafka (1991), Casino Royale (2006), I’m Not There (2007), Kill Bill: Vol. 1 (2003), Manhattan (1979), The Cinderella Man (2005), Aferim! (2015), Frantz (2016) and American Horror Story (2011-2017).

As a visual example:

On CineStill BwXX 120

Like Kodak Eastman Double-X, BwXX 120 by CineStill is a variable speed panchromatic black and white negative film for outdoor and indoor / studio use. Close to the legendary Kodak Plus-X, this is a great choice if you are looking for classic film with excellent performance and versatility in a variety of conditions.

It has a variable base sensitivity of ISO 250 in daylight (5500 K) and ISO 200 in tungsten lighting conditions (3200 K) and can be PAST rated up to EI 1600 with compensation appropriate treatment. It is ideal for low light situations and offers exceptional blacks and a wide range of tonal steps, while providing super sharpness, crisp micro-contrast and fine-grained structure.

Discover these concrete examples:

As you might expect, contrast varies by developer and method, but as a rule of thumb pushing (higher EI) increases contrast and pulling (lower EI) lowers contrast. CineStill recommends that you develop with Developer D96 for better control. For lower contrast, they recommend that you shoot and process at EI 200

Please refer to CineStill film development time table for a variety of processes used for home or laboratory development.

BwXX 120 by CineStill is immediately available for sale on and soon to film retailers around the world. What are you waiting for? This is wonderful news for 2021!

~ ME

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