Mr Bean visits Cyberpunk 2077 in stunning video montage

The person who edited Austin Powers in Mass Effect, to everyone’s delight and horror, has now pinned down another storm. Their latest video mixes Mr. Bean’s clips with scenes from Cyberpunk 2077 and my God, he seems excited to be stepping into a dystopian megalopolis. You might be worried that Night City might devour this rubber-faced fool alive, but he might be the only one of us who can survive it. Come watch!

This is the latest work of “eli_handle_b․wav”, which also featured Patrick Bateman from American Psycho in Fallout 4, Walter White from Breaking Bad in Half-Life 2, and more.

One argument is that Mr. Bean would be assaulted and murdered within five minutes of arriving in Night City, the eternal distraught tourist who would readily bow to the local wallet inspector. I see why you might say that, but I would point out to you that Mr. Bean is a god of chaos. Every now and then he accidentally stumbles into our world and sets out to cause trouble through his childish nature – playful, curious, and deeply selfish – with the ultimate goal of healing himself and maybe, just maybe, kiss a pretty girl. But Bean is a mean, vengeful god whose presence hurts others. Any boostergang who tried to steal him would, to their surprise, find themselves accidentally stabbing and shooting themselves when Bean bends down to tie his shoe or pick up something shiny. You know it is true. You know the camera always cuts to end the episode before he turns his latest victim upside down and digs through his intestines with the joy and satisfaction of a child opening his stockings on Christmas morning. .

As for people actually adding things to the game (while waiting for CD Projekt Red to release the next major update), I enjoyed the mod that adds trains to run around Night City.

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