Movie stars and children

Another female superstar, this one with her roots in Britain acted so oddly with my daughter and my niece and nephew, she immediately pissed them off. First, this superstar ignored the kids throughout the conversation. Finally, when she spoke to them, she said just one line. “Do you guys want some chocolate or something?” I have some, but they may contain worms.

A pretty “verminous” encounter that my daughter never forgot and hated watching this onscreen superstar, especially because at the end of our twisted encounter, the superstar went to land on the hero’s lap right in front of us. .

If this is the way you behave with the children who have come to meet you, then lady, you do not deserve your fame.

Another actor who had a great relationship with children was Sushant Singh Rajput. Once, some of my relatives were in Mumbai and eager to meet him. Sushant has given them time. I took pictures with them, played guitar for them, even though they had arrived late at Sushant’s beautiful residence and he was late for his next date.

It is said that children are the closest to godliness. I don’t see any new generation actor bonding with the bachchas except Kartik Aaryan.

(This article first appeared in the National Herald on Sunday.)

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