Michael Nicholson is about to earn his stripes, pen on paper for Cameron Carter Vickers then Jota

It may not be over yet, after all, Celtic will still have to negotiate the fee structure with the hardliner Daniel Levy at Spurs, but the news Lubo98 brought us on The Celtic Star last night that Cameron Carter-Vickers had agreed personal terms with Celtic, means it now looks like the player is committed to the club and the ball is now in Michael Nicholson’s court to seal that deal.

Carter-Vickers has been a great temporary signing and shows that the loan market, where Celtic can try before they buy, is certainly worth tapping into in the future. The question of players on loan and their willingness to fully commit to the cause is always a valid argument, but in the case of Carter-Vickers, Celtic have had a season of one player, who appeared from the outside looking inside, to be the perfect professional as well as a very good defender, and it has to be said where time and matches will see even more improvements, there is no doubt about that.

: Cameron Carter-Vickers of Celtic arrives at the stadium ahead of the Cinch Scottish Premiership match between Heart of Midlothian and Celtic FC on January 26, 2022 in Edinburgh, Scotland. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

The reading of Carter-Vickers’ game is top notch, his positioning exceptional and his ceiling is far from being reached, he even came out with a few important goals, as the Rangers could testify to have also been on the end from one to Ibrox. And Carter-Vickers’ four goals in the Hoops is one more than grandstand darling Ibrox – you know the guy they’re singing for to tear us apart again? Not bad for a centre-half!

This deal could of course end up being expensive, with the rumored £6million apparently the starting point for a fee that could well see Spurs rake in up to £10million. Still, in today’s market, that’s at the very least a fair price for a defender who we now know cuts the mustard on the pitch and seemingly has the perfect attitude. And at 24 and with a career on an upward trajectory, Michael Nicholson and the Celtic board can sign this deal knowing full well that there’s a chance, down the road, of someone selling Cameron. Carter-Vickers untapped. potential is likely to make the initial outlay more than reasonable in the long run.

This signing is also a sign that Celtic can match the ambitions of young players with big aspirations in the game, after all Carter-Vickers is not without alternative options and most are in the playground of the rich, even when ‘they’re not so famous, from the EPL.

Cameron Carter-Vickers IMAGO/Shutterstock. Photo by Luke Nickerson/

However, Carter-Vickers knows he is at a club that will play in the Champions League group stage next season. In the whole of the UK, there are only a maximum of six clubs likely to offer this type of platform. And for a player who certainly harbors international ambitions, having returned to the USA squad after a three-year hiatus on the back of outstanding performances in a Celtic jersey, it’s clear whether it’s Carter-Vickers or future talent that the club chooses to target. , that the proof is there, whether at club or international level, the ambitions and level of competition a player requires to be satisfied in their workplace can all be satisfied playing with Celtic.

Now it’s Michael Nicholson’s turn to complete that deal with Spurs and we’re confident he will. With the June 15 deadline apparently being the deadline, time is running out, but if this deal, as we believe, has an option to purchase, a lot of the negotiations must have already been in place and hopefully only the structure has to be agreed. None of this will be simplistic against Daniel Levy, and once this one is over you’ll have to say Nicholson will have earned his stripes, after all the Celtic CEO is unlikely to face a tougher negotiator all the time. summer.

GLASGOW, SCOTLAND – MAY 01: Jota of Celtic arrives at the stadium ahead of the Cinch Scottish Premiership match between Celtic and Rangers at Celtic Park on May 01, 2022 in Glasgow, Scotland. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

Yet surely the toughest part of this deal is done, the part where personal terms with a high-spending Newcastle United target player were agreed. And it’s that willingness to sign for Celtic that shows the club will get a player in Carter-Vickers who we’ve not only established as a great acquisition, but who is also invested in Celtic for the long term.

Next, Jota…watch this space.

Niall J.

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