Metal grille frame on fan at Kota hostel sparks wide discussion, some claim suicide prevention measure : The Tribune India

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Chandigarh, October 9

A photo of a hostel in Kota has been making the rounds on Twitter where a one-room ceiling fan could be seen protected by iron grilles. According to claims made on social media, the drill was developed by hostel authorities to prevent students from choking to death.

The photo was shared by an account, Gabbbar. “In a student hostel in Kota. Guess the reason? “, we read in the caption.

However, the action, which was reportedly taken by hostel authorities, sparked anger among netizens. The image also sparked a widespread discussion about the issue of mental health and the coercion of students to take up coaching against their wish just to comply with their parents’ decision. However, many said it could have been done to prevent ramshackle fans from falling on the students.

Some have also fueled a meme festival.

Earlier, IISc Bangalore replaced ceiling fans with wall fans to prevent students from committing suicide in hostels after three students killed themselves by hanging themselves, according to a report by India Today.

The city of Kota in Rajasthan, located on the bank of Chambal River, is considered to be India’s training hub as students from all over the country arrive here to prepare for their medical and engineering competitions . However, the city is also infamous for the maximum number of suicides in the country, as many students could not resist failing the competitions.

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