Manufacturers provide schools with additional safety tools to protect students

SAN ANTONIO – Manufacturers say they are ready to help schools increase their security with desks and bulletproof blinds to protect students in the event of a school shooting.

Safe Space Security Office

After the massacre at a Parkland school in 2018, Todd Drummond and his son, Donald, created the Safe Space Security Desk to protect children from future shootings.

The Drummonds say the office, which is built like a cocoon, meets national requirements for durability, structural performance, security and ballistic testing.

Todd Drummond said these types of desks provide the final layer of protection.

“The theory here is that a school, they have to be able to stop an AR-15 from entering the school. If they can’t stop an AR-15 from entering a school, they can’t not protect their children anyway,” he said.

Front line furniture

First Line Furniture has a desk that can quickly become a protective wall with the pull of a lever.

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“Our tables are five or six times larger than a police officer’s ballistic shield,” said Rick Trubacek of First Line Furniture.

School Security Solution

School Safety Solution offers a blind that can help cover windows, protecting students from view in an emergency. The product is simple and affordable, and some school districts in the San Antonio area already have them in place.

“The effectiveness of hiding in the event of an active shooter lock-in is so, so very important,” said Andrew Keel of School Safety Solution.

School safety company representatives KSAT spoke with say it’s crucial that all parents know what kinds of protections school districts have available to protect students.


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