Maharashtra: Two cases of HSC paper circulating on Whatsapp were reported; a stop

Two incidents of HSC question papers circulating on Whatsapp groups were reported in Mumbai and Ahmednagar. In the Mumbai case, Vile Parle Police arrested a teacher who was conducting private lessons in Malad for allegedly helping at least one student by providing answers to HSC exam chemistry questions on Saturday.

The questionnaire was reportedly sent to the teacher by one of his students from inside the exam hall.

Insisting that this is not a case of leaking paper but of cheating, Maharashtra State Board Chairman Sharad Gosavi said: “The questionnaire is distributed to students at 10:20 a.m. and part of the chemistry quiz was found on a student’s phone. at 10:25 a.m. This is after the exam has started, so it cannot be [called] paper leak. He continued: ‘Quick action was taken by the Mumbai branch of the state council and the specific examination center was directed to lodge a complaint with the police.’ The incident came to light after a female student showed up late to the center.

“Stating that she was in the toilet all the time, she wanted to enter the hall at 10:50 am. This goes beyond the registration deadlines allowed by any exam center, so the divisional council office has been approached to check if it
could be allowed. The head of the center has been asked to follow the procedures for in-depth screening of the student. It was then that part of the Chemistry paper was found on his cell phone. She was taken into custody and the exam center contacted the police,” Gosavi said, adding that the girl was not allowed to appear for the newspaper.

When asked what could have caused this breach and how viral it has gone, Gosavi said, “The police will trace the viral path. But once the diary started, the information could have come out of anywhere.

Vile Parle Police said the 17-year-old received answers to multiple-choice questions on WhatsApp from arrested defendant Mukesh Yadav, 26, a resident of Malad. The girl’s WhatsApp also showed she was part of a group where another 17-year-old boy had been circulating photos of three pages of Chemistry’s questionnaire. Sources said there were several people in this group.

Police suspect that the same boy also leaked another paper and an investigation is underway to verify the same. “After the questionnaire was given to the students, one of them leaked it by clicking on a picture and sending it to the arrested defendant who then passed it around,” said Sanjay Narvekar, Senior Police Inspector of Vile Parle Police Station.

Yadav was booked under Maharashtra’s Malpractice Prevention Act. He was brought before a court and taken into custody.

“My client is innocent. The student sent the hard copy on his personal WhatsApp. He had no idea,” said Shakil Khan, Yadav’s attorney.

In the other malpractice case during the HSC exam, images of a math and statistics quiz were posted on WhatsApp. The incident was revealed in Shrigionda, Ahmednagar district. This newspaper was scheduled for Monday from 10:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. At 11:25 p.m., a teacher from Shrigonda received preview images of the quiz. The teacher informed the relevant officials.

Even when the state board swung into action, there was no way to identify a specific testing center where the image might have come from. The concerned officials approached the local police with their complaint.

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