Local Uvalde newspaper publishes a powerful front page in response to the murders

The local Uvalde, Texas newspaper published a powerful front-page image the day after an 18-year-old gunman killed 19 students and two faculty members in a shooting at Robb Elementary School.

The image was not striking for what was shown, but for what it did not show; the front page of the newspaper was all black except for the newspaper banner and the date May 24, 2022.

Yahoo News reports that the vast majority of Uvalde Leader-News – 10 of its 12 pages – were devoted to regular community coverage, as one would expect in any local newspaper. There were stories about local elections, weather, school graduations and local sports teams.

Throughout this section of the newspaper, there were few references to the tragedy apart from a blood drive announcement and an advertisement for the school’s memorial fund.

The last two pages of the diary, however, were solely devoted to the shooting.

A headline on the last page of the newspaper reads “City’s Soul Crushed”, and included photos of Robb Elementary School students being led out of the building by their parents or helped out of school windows. In one photo, a teacher can be seen running to safety as his students are evacuated from the school.

The front page of the Uvalde Leader-News, the local newspaper in Uvalde, Texas, the day after a mass shooter killed 19 fourth-graders and two faculty members at Robb Elementary School.


In another photo, the shooter’s abandoned, wrecked truck, stuck in a ditch, is pictured. A rifle, believed to have belonged to the shooter, can be seen sitting on a duffel bag on the ground next to the passenger side door of the truck.

Since then, the newspaper has posted frequent updates on its Facebook page promoting community events following the shooting, all under the tag “Uvalde Strong.”

A pole shows rows of small crosses erected on the lawn of Robb Elementary School, each bearing the name of one of the victims. A local couple spent a day making the memorials and dropped them off at school.

In another post, a photo shows the packed arena in Uvalde County where a prayer vigil was held Wednesday evening. According to the newspaper, cars lined up on both sides of Interstate 90 because the parking lot was full.

A third promotes the Robb School Memorial Fund, with details on how to donate and where to send them.

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