Limited Edition Polaroid Duochrome Green 600 Film

We’re always excited to announce new limited edition film releases and the latest from Polaroid, Duochrome Black & Green 600, is one of the most original offers we have seen this year. If you like monster movies, death metal or anything else scary, this new release has your name on it.

Who is it for ?

Polaroid Duochrome Green is designed for vintage Polaroid 600 cameras, as well as modern Polaroid/Impossible Project I type cameras. For people working with vintage models, these film packs contain built-in batteries to power your camera , just like old-school packs – Type I cameras, on the other hand, are powered by their own built-in rechargeable pack.

Polaroid says the new film was created in “direct response” to the popularity of previous Duochrome 600 releases, which include both yellow and blue variants. Both are unfortunately sold out and we have no doubt the green version will sell out as well. So if that piques your interest, grab a few quick!

The green “look”

Looking for the perfect prop to shoot the cover of a horror movie? Look no further. Francesco Sambati

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The film’s “look” is obviously not for everyone and Polaroid goes so far as to acknowledge it in press materials. “The new Black & Green edition allows fans to continue to experience a unique clash of colors, throwing the rules of the ordinary by using black and green Polaroid chemistry, the most experimental combination yet.”

Personally, I’m really digging the look and planning on picking up a pack or two. This could be a super fun film to try out at a high-energy gig or for an experimental portrait. Or, if you’re looking for something to shoot during the Halloween season, this could be it, especially if you missed CineStill’s equally spooky RedRum 120.

Getting the most out of Duochrome

Thinking of throwing yourself away for a bag or two? Polaroid has a entire article dedicated to tips and tricks to get the most out of Duochrome. The brand notes, however, that due to the “extreme experimental nature of the product”, it cannot “guarantee stable results”. As such, returns will also not be accepted. That being said, the Polaroid sells it for a few bucks cheaper than its standard packs (and makes the return policy on the film pretty clear upfront).

Pricing & Availability

Polaroid Duochrome Black & Green 600 is available now for $14.99 a pack.

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